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Audio Mixing Services

We offer professional audio mixing services for your songs and music tracks. Audio mixing is the music production stage where every instrument and vocals takes its place and its volume in the whole project. We use any type of effect like compressor, equalizer, reverb and other creative effects like delay, phaser, flanger etc to achieve the best possible result for your ears and for the ears of your fans. Vocal pitch and timing fine tuning is also part of the procedure. All different stems/ takes are summed to one cohesive stereo track best known as mixdown, ready for the mastering engineer.


Audio mixing is somehow based on some basic and some not so basic rules but also adds a new artistic touch in music creations. Apostolos Vagios except of mixing engineer is also a musician and composer who have studied classical piano, electric guitar, music composition, orchestration, music theory and harmony. This is a very important element to understand what the musicians have in their mind for their songs. Each individual artist (or band) creations need its own approach in the mixing stage.

During mixing we process each track / stem/ instrument take with the proper tools to receive the maximum audio quality, we emphasize the music elements that defines your musical identity and we enrich the timbre of your music with various ways. If we have to mix audio for different songs of the same album it is critical to get a well built and coherent result for all tracks so the album obtains its own sound identity.   

So it is very important to us to contact with you, to find out what are your main and secondary (yes these are also very important) goals with your songs. We could contact through skype, messenger, mail or with any other way it is easier for you. 

How does online mixing work

Working online is a great advantage today. You send us your audio tracks* (stems) through wetransfer, googledrive or any other service you are familiar with. We work with WAV or AIFF files up to 32bit depth and any sample rate. 

When we get the files we begin the audio mixing process. We use the best today's tools for our services.


You don't pay anything in advance. The way we work is that we first send you a 30 - 40 seconds snippet of the mix. You decide which part of which song (if you provide us multiple songs for mixing) you want to preview our work. You receive a high quality wav snippet mix preview to test if it meets your demands and only if you like you could decide to go on with the mixing procedure. Until then you pay nothing.


You could order just sending an e-mail at Please check below for our great prices...

* The mono or stereo recorded tracks of each individual instrument and vocals 

** If you have used electric guitars and/or electric bass guitar for your song then it will be awesome if you could also provide us and the DI signals.  

  • Audio Mixing - What you get

  • A high quality stereo file of the mix WAV or AIFF, 24bit or 32bit floating, 44.1 or 48kHz (or more according to your needs) ready for the mastering engineer

  • An mp3 or aac file of the mix

  • We use high standard metering in the whole process to ensure a well balanced mix

  • Check for mono compatibility (most of playback devices today are mono so it is critical that the mix will be also heard great and in mono devices)

  • Up to 2 revisions included in price

  • Audio Mixing Tier 01

Less is More

  • Audio Mixing up to 24 individual mono or stereo audio tracks per song, up to 6 minutes length per song

VAT is not included

  • Audio Mixing Tier 02

More is More

  • Audio Mixing up to 48 individual mono or stereo audio tracks per song, up to 6 minutes length per song

VAT is not included

  • Audio Mixing Tier 03

Most is More

  • Audio Mixing more than 48 tracks / more than 6 minutes length per song please send to get custom offer

VAT is not included

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