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Audio Mixing and is a very important stage in the music production procedure. When the recordings of all individual tracks like vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synths etc. finish it is time to combine and glue all those sounds in a beautiful cohesive final result that will finally delivered to the mastering engineer. In the mixing stage we process each individual track of the song or music score. Each instrument has its own sound characteristics and needs different approach from the other. In this stage we adjust the levels of each one and place them in the stereo field panning them accordingly. 

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The more basic tools to apply in the mixing stage are equalizer, compressor and reverb. With equalizer we balance the sound in the frequency spectrum, with compressor we control the dynamics and with reverb we add space to the music. Other tools that we use are delay, chorus, saturators, flanger, phaser, distortions, exciters, limiters (compressors with very high ratio), de-essers (actually they are compressors with specific functionality) and many more. Proper gain staging is a critical step in the mixing procedure. Mixing aiming to create a final stereo (most of the times) track ready for the mastering engineer.

What we do


  • Using all the proper tools to get a beautiful music sounding result

  • Balance the levels among the individual channels

  • Add clarity, body and character

  • Keep the music flow interesting

  • Achieve a cohesive result (for EPs or full albums) among the various songs

What you get

  • WAV or AIFF High Quality Stereo files in bit depth and sample rate according to your specific needs

  • An instrumental edition of your song in High Quality Audio Format

  • A full loudness and dynamic range analysis report on pdf

  • Reamping for El. Guitars and El. Bass

  • 2 Free Revision Rounds to ensure your 100% satisfaction

  • A High-Quality MP3 or AAC format edition of the Final Mix 

  • Any Metadata Tag needed to be imported to the final audio file (where applicable)

  • Vocal Manual Fine Tuning

  • Mono Compatibility Check

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