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Audiobook post production is the procedure that turns your narration recordings to a final audio product - audiobook for your audience. It contains stages like noise removal (plosives, mouth clicks, crackles and other), polishing the overall recording cutting unwanted frequencies and resulting to a cohesive flow in terms of audio level so your audience would not need to turn up or turn down their device volume if there were significant rises and falls of the level. The main audiobook platform ACX has some audio submission requirements that must be satisfied 100% so your audiobook would be delivered through the online retailers ACX work with.

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*Audio post production and music by Vicious Antelope Productions

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We offer high quality Audio Post Production Services for your audiobooks using high end equipment in out 25 square meters perfectly calibrated production room to clean your narrations from any unwanted noises and to achieve the proper volume and dynamic levels.

Our commitment and target is to deliver you a final product that will meet your needs while sounding fully professional.


It is crucial to achieve a cohesive flowing result without any unwanted noise for this kind of projects. Following the current ACX volume standards for audiobooks (-23dB to -18dB RMS) while peaks are not exceeding -3dB is also a critical stage in the post production procedure. ACX also adds some more requirements that must be satisfied like:

  • include opening and closing credits

  • be comprised of all mono or all stereo files

  • include a retail audio sample that is between one and five minutes long

  • contain only one chapter/section per file, with the section header read aloud

  • have a running time no longer than 120 minutes for each chapter

  • have room tone at the beginning and end and be free of extraneous sounds

in a 192kbps or higher MP3, Constant Bit Rate (CBR) at 44.1 kHz


What we do

  • Adjust the levels to professional standards

  • Add clarity using the proper tools like surgical EQ and DeEsser

  • Keep the audiobook’s narration flow nice in timeline

  • Clean audio from background noises (hum, hiss, plosives, mouth clicks etc.) to the point that it will not introduce noticeable amount of unwanted audio artifacts with tools like Izotope RX7


In Correct and Proper Technical Basis so your Podcast Episode will sound fully professional


What you get:


  • High Quality Audio File in Variable or Constant Bit Rate that will pass all ACX requirements

  • Integrated Loudness of the final Audiobook according to professional standards

  • A full loudness and dynamic range analysis report on pdf for each chapter

  • A High Quality Audio File of the retail audio sample (1 – 5 minutes length) according to your guidelines

  • 2 Free Revision Rounds to ensure your 100% satisfaction

  • The proper timeline trimming (deleting unwanted silence while keeping smooth transitions) to give the chapter the desirable duration 

  • Mixing and time align different audio recordings for each chapter




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