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We compose music for you having two very important principles in our mind.

  1. Capturing your project aspiration: message you want to convey with your creations, elements you want to emphasize and your personal artistic perception and view.

  2. Deliver high quality products according to current needs and professional standards.

Vicious Antelope Productions Podcast
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05.Jupiter / from Tolis first experiment electronic album "Planets"
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Neptune Sunrises / sci fi themed nostalgic track
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Realms of nothingness/ meditation music
00:00 / 04:29
Out of me / Meditation Music
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We could compose original music for you and for any kind of projects of yours that come with music. We use multiple real instruments, synthesizers (real and software), samplers and effects when composing and record them at the highest quality in Correct and Proper Technical Basis so it will sound fully professional. Additionally, we deliver you the music Mixed and Mastered using high end Analog and Digital equipment in our 25 square meters perfectly calibrated production room​. We mix and master according to your project special audio requirements.

Main goal here is to understand the messages and the mood of your creations and translate them into the language of music in a way that it will serve your project’s vision adding excitement or suspense, joyful or sad emotions, intensity or calmness whenever it is needed.     

The music dimension is a subjective thing so we send you a small snippet of our work in the early stages to help you decide if you like to work with us.

  • Cinematic, classical, orchestral

  • Rock, Pop

  • Ambient & Electronic

  • Jingles & podcast themes

  • Meditation / Relaxing Music 

  • Piano Themes

  • Sound logo branding for your business

  • Experimenting combining elements from different genres


Composing equipment

DAW: Pro Tools, Ableton live, Cakewalk

Guitars: Les Paul, ESP Eclipse, Jacky Jackson acoustic, LTD Bass

Amps: Kemper, Laney
Keyboards and Synths: Korg M-50, Technics El. Piano, NI Komplete S88

Soft Synths: Omnisphere 2, Sylenth, Serum, Dune 3, Thorn, Arturia Synths, Reaktor, Absynth and many more

Sampled Instruments: NI Komplete, Kontakt and HQ libraries from Spitfire Audio, 8Dio, Heavyocity, Output, Sample Logic and other, Vienna Instruments Pro and many orchestral libraries of them, UVI Ethnic Libraries and many more.



What you get:

  • High Quality Audio Files of the Music

  • Rights for commercial and non-commercial use

  • Professional Mixing and Mastering of the Music

  • Integrated Loudness of the final Master according to professional standards

  • A full loudness and dynamic range analysis report of the music on pdf

  • All separated stems / tracks in proper levels

  • Sheet of the music



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