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Original Music (OST) for your projects

If your are searching for original music for your projects (OST) we offer compositions (theme based music, background music etc) and full music production of the OST. Apostolos Vagios is a trained composer and multi- instrumentalist and have studied classical piano, electric guitar, music theory and harmony and music composition and orchestration. He composes in various musical styles like cinematic and orchestral music scores, classical music, electronic music, rock based music and contemporary hybrid combinations of them.    


If you are an indie film maker or a video game developer or you are a creator of projects that require original scores OST and the musical styles above reflect on your taste and your needs, please get in touch at

I need OST | How does it work

In our contact we are talking about your project and its special needs, its theme and character, its emotional motivations, what kind of music (OST) will be best fit in it. If there is already visual content it would be awesome as it would be the most inspiring aspect in the composition of OST procedure. If you need vocals please refer it.

You don't pay if you don't like. A preview snippet of about one minute of music (OST) will be sent to you to decide if you want to work with us or not. Until then you pay nothing.

* Vocals not included in preview mode


Please contact us to get more information and pricing options.


Please contact us if you need original custom music (OST) for your projects and learn what you get


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