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Original Music Compositions for your projects

If you are creator of audiovisual projects like films, documentaries, youtube videos, instagram reels, tik tok videos and you need original music compositions or if you are a podcaster who needs custom jingle music theme for your podcast series, we could work together on a very creative multidimensional way.

I am Tolis Vagios, owner of Vicious Antelope, a full time music composer and orchestrator. I mainly compose cinematic music, experimental electronic style, synthwave and retrowave, orchestral music, hybrid orchestral music, sci-fi themes, epic themes, nostalgic music, dramatic music, emotional music, piano based tracks, ballads, synth based tracks, ambient, rock and meditation music genres. I am a multi instrumentalist who can compose and perform with synths, pianos, guitars and bass. I have studied both piano and guitar as well as music theory, music composition, music orchestration and music harmony.

As a sound designer myself, I most of the times using my own custom sounds when composing. Please let me know if you wish to use only fresh custom sounds for the compositions and productions of your OST and music themes. I have a vast variety of sound design tools and huge sound design experience to ensure that beside good and intereseting music the sounds that are part of the themes will be fresh and original.

You could listen to our portfolio in the projects page here


DAW : I mainly compose in Cubase and mix in Pro Tools.

Notation Software: Presonus Notion

Guitars: ESP Eclipse, Epiphone LesPaul

Amp: Kemper Amp, Laney VC 50

Guitar Effects: TC Electronic G Major 2

Bass Guitar: Fender

Acoustic Guitar: Fender Newport

Synths: Korg M50

Software synths and sample libraries: 

Native Instruments Kontakt 6 with many high quality orchestral, classic synths, folk or other styles sample libraries, VSL sample collections, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, Arturia Pigments, Native Instruments Absynth 5, U-He Diva, U-He Zebra 2, U-He Hive 2, U-He Repro 1, U-He Repro 5,  U-He Dark Zebra, Toontrack Superrior Drummer 3, Cakewalk Z3TA, Cherry Audio CA2600, Cherry Audio Polymode, Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1, D16 Drumazon, D16 Phoscyon, D16 Punchbox, Unfiltered Audio Lion, Synapse Audio Dune 3, Ample Ethno Banjo, Ample Ethno Ukulele, Arturia Analog Lab V,  Arturia Arp2600, Arturia Augmented Strins and Augmented Voices, Arturia B-3 and B-3 V2, BBC Symphony Orchestra,  Arturia Buchle Easel V, BX Oberhausen, Arturia Clavinet V, Arturia CMI V, Arturia CS-80 V3 and V4, Arturia CZ V, DS Thorn, Arturia DX7 V, Arturia Emulator II V, Arturia Farfisa V, Arturia Jun-6 V, Arturia Jup-8 V3 and V4, Knif Audio Knifonium, Arturia Korg MS-20 V, Native Instruments Massive, Native Instruments Massive X, Arturia Matrix-12 V2, Arturia Mellotron V, Arturia Mini V3, Native Instruments Reaktor 6, Modo Bass, Arturia Modular V3, Arturia OP-Xa V, Arturia Piano V, V2 and V3, Arturia Prophet V3, Arturia Prophet-5 V, Arturia  Prophet-VS V, Arturia SEM V2, Arturia Solina V2, Soundpaint sampler with many unique sample libraries, Arturia SQ80 V, Arturia Stage-73 V and V2, Arturia Synclavier V, Arturia Synthi V, KV331Audio Synth Master 2, Syntronik,  Vital synth, Arturia Vocoder V, CA Voltage Modular, Arturia Vox Continental V2, Arturia Wurli V2, Native Instruments FM8, UVI Workstation with a couple libraries, Vaccum Pro, Velvet, Hybrid, Loom, Lennar Digital Sylenth, Vienna Instruments Pro, Vienna Synchron Player,  Xpand2

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