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Our Music Projects

Original Music Portfolio

In our "Original Music" Section all music were composed by Vicious Antelope founder Tolis Vagios. Music has been mixed and mastered by him at Vicious Antelope studio.

 Cinematic Music - OST - Background Music - Sci-Fi Music

We compose original cinematic music for your projects like films, documentaries or video games and any other multimedia project needs soundtrack. Our style varies from epic themes, folklore songs, sci-fi sound dimensions, dramatic music, orchestral, ambient and hybrid experimental soundtracks.  

All tracks produced and composed by Tolis Vagios at Vicious Antelope studio. We also offer audio mixing and audio mastering services of the composed tracks according to professional multimedia standards.

*Please contact us at for more info

 Meditation Music

We compose unique meditation music for your projects. We could design new fresh sounds to use on your tracks and give them a unique character and musical expression. Here you could listen to some examples of our work.

*Please contact us at for more info

Tracks for our Synth Presets

Our introduction videos for our newer synth presets releases are mainly created with our unique sounds that we design with the best available soft synths today like Omnisphere, Pigments, DIVA, Zebra and Massive X. You can grab those synth presets at our shop here

Tolis Vagios Experimental Electronic Music Discography

Founder of Vicious Antelope personal music project in experimental forms. 

Timbre Of Saturn

Founder of Vicious Antelope personal one man melodic death metal band

Clients & Partners


SOHM first album consisting of 12 songs. Music production, Instruments performance and recording, Orchestration, Mixing and Mastering by Tolis Vagios at Vicious Antelope studios.

* Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal SOHM is a Denver-based artist whose sound feels like folk, blues, metal, ethnic world music with elements of baroque rock/pop. Full album available on Spotify, iTunes and all major music platforms.


Tolis Vagios has listed many cinematic and orchestral tracks in epic, folklore and horror style to Battlebards under the nickname Odysseas Tolios. 

* BattleBards is the most premium audio library ever assembled created for the tabletop gaming experience, along with Tools built specifically to use the audio seamlessly in-game.


A Reverie Wind awaits you...

*Listen "Elysium" track on Spotify here

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