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50% off storewide - Synth presets

50% off all soundbanks + 10% coupon + new Pigments 3 Soundbank


All our soundbanks for half the price. The half price offer do not apply for the products that are running with their intro price - although you can use coupon to get an additional 10% for them. End date July 17.

Synth Presets & Soundbanks | Vicious Antelope Synth presets for DIVA, Zebra 2, Pigments 3, Massive X, Omnisphere 2, Serum, Repro, Dune 3, Hive 2, Sylenth. Here you can grab high quality soundbanks for your music productions.

On checkout use code JULY10 to get an additional 10% to all of our soundbanks


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