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Arturia Pigments Library - Misty Town

Get ready to add some amazing new sounds to your next musical creation! Misty Town's soundbank for Arturia Pigments 3 and Analog Lab V gives you 100 carefully designed presets to choose from, all crafted using the Sample engine of Arturia's great Pigments synth for unbeatable quality. With a wide range of categories like Basses, Woodwinds, Keys & Bells, Lo Fi Keys, Strings, Pianos, Guitars and Pads to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you need for your next music piece!

The soundbank character can been identified as experimental due to its use of various filter types and granular elements designing tools. This innovative approach allowed to create unique sounds and sonic colors. With the use of filters, granular synthesis, and other techniques, soundbank characters can be used to create a wide range of sounds from abstract noise to melodic music.

These experimental synth sounds can be used to create unique and captivating music that can transport listeners into a different world. Whether you're creating ambient soundscapes or upbeat dance tracks, Misty Town is a useful tool for exploring new sonic possibilities.

It is available also for Analog Lab V users.

Presets walkthrough video


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