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Cherry Audio Dreamsynth Presets - Dreams From Past

Today we have thrown a new pack of Cherry Audio Dreamsynth Presets under the name "Dreams From Past". Within its 32 sounds we make a journey to the late seventies and early eighties days. All synth presets here are pretty much analog and versatile.

Cherry Audio Dreamsynth Presets
Dreams From Past Artowrk | Cherry Audio Dreamsynth DS-1

Beside the fairly small amount of presets, hence the price of 5€, there is a big amount of different sounding patches.

That's why the could fit to genres from synthwave, vaporwave, new age, cinematic, sci-fi themed music, background music for a huge variety of thematic videos, progresive rock and metal, krautorck and vintage ambient but also could fit to contemporary electronic styles especially some melodic atmospheric techno.

Presets walkthrough video


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