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Lennar Digital Sylenth1

Sylenth1 or just Sylenth is definitely a game changer in the history of soft synths. It provides unmatched lucidity and warmth in sound deriving from a total of 4 Oscillators. Those OSCillators are split in groups of two in Part A and Part B. With its unison engine which works underneath we can have up to 512 voices playing in the same time - 512 analog shaped and sounding voices with great depth and detail.

Sylenth uses the basic shape of Oscillators as most of the hardware synthesizers. A sine, a saw, a triangle, a pulse, a half pulse, a quarter pulse and finally a noise generator are where the sound in this synth begins. It encloses the subtractive synthesis method.

One of the shining modules of Sylenth are undoubtedly its filters. With Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass with 2 slopes and cutoff, resonance and drive knobs to control them, those filters are sounding from warm to crystal clear depending on our very needs. The drive knob adds more analog styled saturation introducing richer harmonic content within the different filter stages and results in warmer sound, a real pleasant to our ears. Additionally, we have a global filter control section which can control the cutoff and resonance for both filters simultaneously. It can also control the filter's classic keyfollower function and moreover with the warm drive button we add richer harmonics to the sound.

It includes a classic ADSR amp envelope plus 2 modulation Envelopes - for all of them we can copy and paste the settings among them. There are 2 LFO's with many customizable options and the two miscellaneous modulation panels where we can choose some additional types of modulation sources. One of my favorite it the Stepvelocity option which absorb its values from the step sequencer.

In the center of the synth lies the effect section with 8 different devices. The Arpeggiator, a distortion, a phaser, a chorus, an equalizer, a delay, a reverb and finally a compressor.

In the Mixer module we can adjust how much to blend from the two parts outputs and in its right side is the master volume slider.

We can solo each part or sync - unsync the synth with our DAW tempo, both of them with their respective button on the upper synth part.

Sylenth1 sound is exceptional and this is the main reason that it is one of the most successful and most-used software synths ever.

Vicious Antelope has released some Sylenth banks which can be found here


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