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New packs for Pigments and PS-3300 synths

We have released two brand new packs for Pigments and PS-3300 synths. They both fit for cinematic music productions among other styles.

1. Solar System: Earth II

72 cinematic deep pads for dark emotions.

New packs for Pigments and PS-3300 synths
Earth 2 For Pigments VST | Artwork

Within its 72 pads you can find some emotional and evolving long presets for adding some really profound layers to your background dimensions.

Video with all presets demonstration

2. 33 Pads - Cherry Audio PS-3300

33 vintage synth pads for progressive rock, ambient and other retro music productions. Classic analog synthetic pads with all that elements for the past.

Cherry Audio PS-3300 presets
33 Pads Artwork | CA PS-3300 soundbank

Walkthrough video


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