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Rapid creation of supersaw stab sound

Supersaw stabs are of very common use in electronic music. You can hear them in a lot of EDM tracks. This works for almost all synths.

  1. Choose a saw osc

  2. Stack 5-8 unison voices

  3. Detune them to the point you like the sound

  4. Add reverb

  5. quick Attack - quick Decay - fairly high Sustain - fairly quick Release

  6. See the options of the synth to adjust where do you want your osc to start when trigger the note (in terms of phase). E.g. if you want you osc always start from the same point it creates a plucked sound with power while if you choose random phase or free running creates a softer flowing sound

  7. Add if possible some white noise (if your synth has a noise osc) not loud

  8. Filter and modulate at will


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