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Two brand new preset expansions for Pigments and Diva synths with cinematic character

Today we have released two fresh soundbanks for Arturia Pigments 4 and U-He Diva synthesizers. Both of them are cinematic flavored.

Outer Boundary is the 2nd pack of our ambitious Solar System series for Pigments and Analog Lab V. Here you can find 72 synth patches with experimental temper and unique sonic blueprint. All of them based on custom samples designed in our "sound laboratories".

Majestic Key 01 is a full body creative electronic piano. Majestic Key 03 is softer, while Majestic Key 04 has some nice resonances that give it a unique character. A String Ensemble 01 is a synthwave poly synth that could be used as a pad and the next one has more motion and dreamy characteristics. A String Ensemble 04 is crispy and can easily cut through a mix.

The six Cosmic Winds presets are mellow and add atmospheric temper to a music track. Digi Asteroids sound like effects of an early 90's video game.

Moving furthermore we can listen to the bright Far Away 04 or the Wah-like Far Away 05. Icy Temper 04 is very experimental while the next has a more conventional sound. In Little Fragments presets we mainly use granular synthesis for unorthodox organic timbres.

In general Outer Boundary is full of sci-fi synths that fit to many genres. You could listen to the whole soundbank in the video below.

The second pack today is a compact Diva synth expansion with warmth and fullness. With downhearted long synths this is a nice small addition to your sound arsenal.

Once again I have no words for the quality of Diva great synthesizer. Nevertheless small use of detuning the patches sound brimful of lush sonic elements.

This is also a cinematic one with more conventional synths than our Pigments' soundbank.

It is compact but useful - small but big.

You could take a listen to all of the included presets of The Lonely Star in the detailed video below.


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