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U-He Zebra 3 is on its way - Our last soundbanks for Zebra 2, now legacy, have been released

Swan Song 3 soundbanks for U-He Zebra 2 (now Zebra Legacy) are our last expanses for this favorite synth - while highly we anticipate for Zebra 3 to be released.

Swan song is a term to describe a final work of art or writing. And here are our last works of sound art for Zebra 2.

The Pads small collection of 22 sorrowful long synths patches.

Lot of movement here while a depressive feeling is all over the place.

Dark and emotional long synths

Fits for cinematic music and progressive rock style among others


22 classic organs with a subtle touch of distorted.

Listen to some parts of Light my Fire and Child In Time in the video below

It sounds so classic and nostalgic.

A nice small collection for progressive rock keyboard players.


The final part consists of 20 retro sounding polysynth patches.

Full sonic dimensions and a generous touch of first days of Progressive Rock

Sounds a bit rusty and carries a huge amount of sound colors.

A nice addition for progressive rock and vintage electronic music styles


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