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Vicious Dune Vol.1 - Bundle for Synapse Audio Dune 3

Get ready to make some serious noise with Vicious Dune! Experience the power of DUNE 3 with our all-in-one bundle, featuring 110 unique presets covering pads, leads, arps, basses, chords, FXs, keys, plucks and synths. With a combination of classic and modern sounds, Vicious Dune is a full around tool for your productions.

It contains 4 soundbanks.

1) The Beginning

Our first ever Synapse Audio Dune 3 sound library contains 40 professionally crafted presets provide you with the perfect start for creating modern, high-quality electronic music, cinematic sounds, rock anthems, and heavy metal hits.

2) Epic Pads

A small collection of 20 Epic pads provides you with the perfect starting point for your next musical journey.

3) Leads For Gigs

Create mesmerizing leads mainly focused in Big Room House, Electro and EDM with this free Dune 3 sound library

4) The Club Plucks

The Club Plucks contains 40 powerful plucks for your next "club" track. Synth plucks are a great way to create unique and interesting sounds for EDM, club music and big room house. With the right synth pluck sound, you can create an atmosphere of instant excitement and energy in your track.

"The Beginning" presets walkthrough video

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