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Wanderer is a compact preset collection for U-He Diva with 20 synth patches

An expressive, versatile and powerful synth preset pack with a focus on deep and rich sounds. You'll find analog-sounding presets for cinematic and game audio, as well as new age genres. Wanderer for U-He Diva contains 20 pieces of sound.

U-He Diva Synth is an extremely addictive synthesizer that has been designed with a lot of attention to detail. It has a full distinctive sound and can be used for various types of music.

U-He Diva Synth is a perfect marriage of analog and digital world. It uses analog sounding oscillators and other synth parts combined with some great effects - there are no many effects here but each one existing is a great piece of art.

Wander in the sonic dimensions of this very analogue sounding pack.

Wandering 70's has a sorrowful depressing sound timbre perfect for dramatic melodic lines. Wandering 80's leads us a decade ahead from previous patch. Wandering Analog sounds exactly as its name. Wandering Andromeda is a perfect sound fellowship for an interstellar journey. Wandering Jupiter orbits over this huge planet. Wandering Kvazars is a long distance trip to the outter fields of our universe. Wandering Mars take a walk on the Red Planet.

In general this is one of my favorite soundbank I have ever released for DIVA.

Take a listen to all presets below


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