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Week Recap - New synth presets - Black Friday Sales

Our Black Friday 2023 sales has begun and they will be here until December 4th. You can find more than 300 titles with up to 85% off discounts. We have reached 17000 synth presets already for more than 60 synth plugins. Black Friday Sales for Synth Presets

You can use the available coupons for further discounts - Each coupon could be used multiple times for different orders


Use the code NOV10 on check out for 10€ discount

Minimum order required 24,99€





Use the code NOV30 on check out for 30€ discount

Minimum order required 59,99€





Use the code NOV50 on check out for 50€ discount

Minimum order required 89,99€





Use the code NOV100 on check out for 100€ discount

Minimum order required 164,99€





Use the code NOV1000 on check out for 1000€ discount

Minimum order required 1499,99€

Black Friday Sales for Synth Presets
Black Friday Sales


New Releases

This week we have released 10 new soundbanks.

Solar System: Floating contains 106 sci-fi themed cinematic atmospheres for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. The main characteristic of the soundbank is the slow rising sounds, the heavy cinematic vibes and the riveting atmospheres.

Moogy Leads contains 30 classic analog sounding monophonic leads for UAD Minimoog synthesizer. The sounds are very similar and specific. Pure rich sounding synthetic leads with that distinct “moogy” sonic identity. In some of them using the feedback flow adds some warm layers of pleasuring distortion.

Solar System: Mercury continues our Solar System soundbank series and contains 72 cinematic Arturia Pigments presets. It is also available for Analog Lab V users. This time we explore sonically the smallest of the Solar System planet and the nearest to the Sun, Mercury.

Dark Mercury contains 30 vintage and mild saturated synth presets for Cherry Audio Mercury-4. The patches sound rusty and dark – with sci-fi character. They could fit for cinematic, electronic and other music genres. 

Northern Signs soundbank contains 101 cinematic synth presets for U-He Zebra HZ. With a dedicated view to more vintage sounds this collection is based on dark sounding synths and emotional sound elements.

Mini Modular contains 30 simple analog monophonic leads synth presets for Cherry Audio Voltage Modular. All used devices are takes from the Miniverse series. No effects are being used for this one.

Signs is a free soundbank of 30 cinematic synth presets for U-He Zebra HZ. On those patches the dark sonic elements and the analog like synth quality (Diva included filters sound great) add a nice gloomy and majestic character. Most of the presets were designed on top of previous ones of this soundbank so they have some similar characteristics.

Calmness contains 60 synth key presets for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synthesizers. All patches have a calming vibe most of the time combining with delay and reverb to add more calming space.

Gloomy Sun soundbank contains 60 polyphonic synth presets for Cherry Audio PS-20 plugin. The patches sound vintage and fit to a variety of retro styled music genres. Most of them were designed having as base some previous ones from this soundbank – like a new variant of the base preset.

Spiry Melodies contains 50 classic sounding synthesizer leads for Reveal Sound Spire plugin. The versatility of the included presets makes it an all-around melodic tool for a variety of music genres like cinematic, electronic, prog rock, progressive house, sci-fi themed scores and other.

You can find all videos with full presets demonstration in the products pages and in our youtube channel


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