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Xfer Serum synth is so versatile make it a great option

Xfer Records Serum Synth is a powerful synthesizer used by electronic music producers to create unique and exciting sounds. It offers a wide range of modulation, effects, and filter types that can be used to shape and sculpt any sound you desire. With its advanced LFOs and envelopes, you can create complex sounds with ease. Not only does it allow users to create amazing sounds, but it is also very easy to automate its parameters in your daw for even more creative possibilities. Whether you are producing EDM or other types of electronic music, Xfer Records Serum Synth will help take your productions to the next level.

We offer a vast collection of Serum patches for addings new dimensions to your sound weapons for your productions. I mostly focus in vintage electronic music - as I love it and as I find to create some retro flavored sounds with Serum so intriguing!

You can a have a look of our Xfer Serum Soundbanks here

Serum's flexibility makes it also a nice tool for rock and metal synth players who need to craft unique moving sounds quickly. That's an unpopular opionion, I know - but I find myself use Serum in some of my rock and metal stuff. I even used it for a country music album.

Not to mention the huge library of presets out there to get started right away with lot of options.


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