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We could perform and record piano, keyboards, synths and organ parts for your music. We like to experiment in various musical genres. Among our favorite genres are Rock, Pop, Electronic, Ambient, Classical, Orchestral, Cinematic and sub genres of those. Although we always try to work with more styles or even combining elements from different genres to explore the music dimension.

We use multiple real instruments, synthesizers, samplers and effects when composing and record them at the highest quality in Correct and Proper Technical Basis so it will sound fully professional.

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 What you get:


  • High Quality Audio Files of the parts we perform time aligned to use them at your rehearsals, gigs, releases etc.

  • Rights for commercial and non-commercial use

  • A full analysis report of instruments and synths we used on pdf

  • Midi files of the performing

  • Sheet of the music


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