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A Piece Of Sylenth - 288 Sylenth Presets

A Piece Of Sylenth's exclusive collection of over 280 presets designed to bring you old fashioned synth sounds, dark techno sounds, esoteric pads, percussive instruments, sine leads, spacewalk leads, tech house basses and more into your sonic pallet. With a sense of past epochs this is my sonic ovation to 80's and 90's electronic music.

13 soundbanks - 288 presets in total

The 90's were a golden age for electronic music. With the emergence of new technologies, now we are able to create those past sounds. One of my most favorite tools that also used by many artists is Sylenth,

Analog sounding Oscillators, crispy, musical and colorful filters and a nice option of great effects. A nice recipe that helped me create those really vintage sonic patches.

From the classic house and techno sounds of the 90's to modern experimental electronica, legendary Sylenth has been an important part of many genres since its release. It continues to be a powerful tool for creating new sounds and exlporing new boundaries in electronic music production.

This bundle contains the following preset packs

  1. Dark Techno - 20 presets

  2. Esoteric Pads - 20 presets

  3. Percussive Instruments - 20 presets

  4. Scales and Modes Asc. Desc. - 12 presets (free pack)

  5. Sine Leads - 26 presets

  6. Spacewalk Leads - 20 presets

  7. Tech House Basses - 20 presets

  8. The blink of an eye - 25 presets (free pack)

  9. The sylenth pads Vol.1 - 20 presets

  10. The sylenth pads Vol.2 - 20 presets

  11. The sylenth plucks Vol.1 - 40 presets

  12. The sylenth plucks Vol.2 - 20 presets

  13. Vicious gift - 25 presets (free pack)


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