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Terms and Conditions

1.When purchasing our soundbanks you get a Non-Exclusive License to use the included presets as part of your commercial and non-commercial music compositions. This includes every kind of music project and every different way of releasing your music - digital platforms, Youtube, music libraries, film, video game, vinyl etc.

2. You can sample and edit any sound of our presets.

3. Each preset, even the sample based ones and/or looped based sounds, could be used alone as one channel in your commercial or non-commercial tracks with no duration limit. You don't have to use them simultaneously with other channels within you tracks.

4. Our presets and soundbanks have their individual full demonstration videos in our youtube channel. For some of them a track is made by the presets. If some parts of the track are not created with this very soundbank we mention that in a discrete place. Usually that kind of tracks are some percussion and drums part of the music project of the soundbank.

5. All tracks for the offered soundbanks and all demonstration music performance of the presets walkthrough videos are created and performed by Vicious Antelope.

6. Prices include VAT where applicable

7. Usually, and only if nothing contrary is mentioned for individual coupons, all monthly discount coupons could be used as many times you want in different orders.

8. You can use up to one coupon per purchase.

9. All products are offered as digital download and sent to you with e-mail to the e-mail address you provide on the purchase. The download links expire 30 days after the order, in such case please contact us at to resend you new links for your products.  

10. We accept payments through Paypal and cards like Visa and Mastercard.

11. Also bank transfers are available. Please let us know if you prefer this way of payment. Contact us at for more info about this way of payment.

12. We don't own the trademark of any of the synth we offer soundbanks for. 


13. For each synth we release soundbanks we write in a discrete place about the owner of the synth.

14. Vicious Antelope is a registered trademark and discrete company name found in 2017

15. Due to the nature of soundbanks as digital products we usually don't offer refund or return. Although if you have any issue please contact us at


16. If accidentaly a product has been purchased more than once then we offer full refund of the accidentaly bought product or we send you a coupon of same value of the accidentaly bought product, depending on your preference.

17. If someone wants to be part of our Loyalty Program than he/she has to create an account to benefit from that.


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