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Analog Pads for Arturia Prophet-5 V

A new soundbank consisting of 50+10 analog pads for Arturia Prophet-5 V released. Also available for Analog Lab V users.

Why I write 50+10 and not 60? Well, the first 50 pads sounds very classic in their analog vibe while the last ten are more experimental with some weird, in a beutiful way, characteristics.

Analog Pads for Arturia Prophet-5 V
Prophet Pads Artwork

Here you can find some soft pads, some string pads, some organic pads, some evolving filter pads and so on.

The Prophet Pad 01 sounds soooo analog and emotional with those nice bass frequencies fill the place in a majestic way. The second one comes a bit whimsical and with sci-fi vibes. Let's go to Prophet Pad 05 with this "Pink Floyd" shine on you crazy diamond character.

Moving forward to number 07 we have a classic hollow pad with dark emotions and then we have the Prophet Pad 14 sounds so epic adding some tension and epic woodwind like synthesized sound.

But let's see what we have in the final ten peculiar presets. The Prophet Pad 50 is very bright, the Prophet Pad 52 has a weird out of this word texture and Prophet Pad 54 sounds so beautiful in its ungliness. With Prophet Pad 55 sounds for vintage videogames come in my mind.

So, generally we could say that the soundbank has a nice variety of different sounds and emotions, soundcolors and sonic touch. And all of them are exploiting the great characteristics of this Arturia's emulation plus the great effects that come within this synth beast.

Prophet Pads soundbank for Prophet-5 V and Analog Lab V is available via our store here:

You could listen to all presets in the video below


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