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Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V bundle soundset - Symposium with 90 synth patches

This bundle contains all 3 Symposium soundbanks for Arturia Pigments 3 and Analog Lab V . The Symposium Bundle soundbanks are especially great for ambient, film, and game composers among other.

From 4 voices polyphony keys to long atmospheric pads and experimental synth patches - all of them designed with custom made samples/

Soundbanks included in this collection:

  1. Symposium Vol.1 - 30 polysynth patches

  2. Symposium Vol.2 - 30 pad patches

  3. Symposium Vol.3 - 30 experimental keys

From the first pack listen to the majestic Symp Synth 01 or the gloomy futuristic Symp Synth 03. The Symp Synth 16 sounds so whimsical and Symp Synth 17 could be the main sound of a late 80's - early 90's pc game's soundtrack. The Symp Synth 23 sound pretty much vintage colored.

Moving to the second part we have this orchestral woodwind like Symp Pad 04 or the slow evolving Symp Pad 06 with its retro temper. Symp Pad 11 encompass a nice morphing movement and the Symp Pad 19 is a good example of Guitarish Ambience Pad.

The last and more experimental soundbank includes patches like the electric piano like A Nice One and the gloomy organic Dark Planets. Destroyed Synth is a nice synthetic brass and Haunted Toys patch hides a chilling to horror identity. In A Dirty Flute is one of my favorites and finally Moonshadows is so multidimensional moving from lower to upper registers of the keyboard.

The way Arturia Pigments handles the imported samples is awesome - so much things we can do with them.

You could listen to all presets included in the bundle on the three videos below.


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