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Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V Presets - Flying Carpet

Get ready to take your music to the skies with Flying Carpet! Our collection of 60 emotional patches for Arturia Pigments 3 and Analog Lab V will give you the flexibility you need to create beautiful, atmospheric soundscapes. Unleash new levels of creativity and emotion using the Macro 1 & 2 buttons to redraw the attack and release aspects of the Amp Envelope for a truly reformation of the patches from pads to classic polysynths.

Macro 3 can be used to give a very subtle saturation to the sound, while Macro 4 adds a gradually parallel chorus effect which is in the aux bus.

With Flying Carpet, you can explore a variety of sounds and textures that will bring to your music fresh aspects. Whether you're creating an epic soundtrack or a melodic dance track this soundbank is really useful and unique.

Music has always had the power to move us, to make us feel something deep, and to transport us to another world. Cinematic, progressive rock and electronic music styles are some of the most exciting genres of music out there. They blend together elements from different musical genres, creating an ethereal soundscape that is both captivating and mesmerizing.

Cinematic music is characterized by its sweeping melodies and grandiose arrangements. It often features lush strings, powerful drums and soaring vocals that evoke a sense of awe and wonderment. Progressive rock is a genre that combines elements from classical, jazz, blues and rock music into one unique sound. Finally, electronic music incorporates the use of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines to create a wide range of sounds ranging from ambient soundscapes to hard-hitting beats.

This preset pack for Pigments based on those 3 genres when was designed. Can you listen the Dark series sonic vibe on Flying Carpet 20 patch?

Presets walkthrough video


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