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Arturia Pigments granular presets - Textural Grains consists of 40 synth patches

In this soundbank, you'll find 40 granular pads with textured colors. These patches were crafted with our Sympan and Symposium samples at its basis. Textural Grains patches sounds unique and many of them carry a horror ID.

The granular engine that Arturia Pigments includes is very advanced and expands the sonic possibilities in sound design. There are plenty of settings to be adjusted for precise results according to needs.

This is our first take on the recently updated Pigmets to version 4.

The soundcolors within this expanse are covering a lot of fields but mainly they could be used for crafting a textural atmospheric dimension in the track.

As they are not so classic patches in terms of performance and because for this kind of sounds I believe that less is more I added the possibility to play only 2 voices at most simultaneously. This could be easily change in the down part of Pigments.

Atmostring patch sound like a string synth while Barren Cities has a dystopic sound character. Factory Basement is full of solitude and From The Flame sound is horrorish. More horror in the Ghost Choirs. Orc Brass sounds exactly like its name like Out Of This World patch is. Quick Moves has a fairly fast moving element and Sick Air's saturated temper is perfect for crafting gloomy atmospheric vibes. The Textural Accordion is pretty much self explanatory, Tomb also.

Presets walkthrough video


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