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Arturia Pigments library - Sympan Vol.2 with 60 multidimensional synth presets

This pack contains 60 presets of fat analog, gloomy sci-fi and dreamy sounds that will provide you with all the tools to create a wide range of different atmospheres and melodic parts. This is the second volume of our popular Sympan series.

Create dreamlike soundscapes with this unique library. Sympan Vol.2 has a vast selection of presets to help you create an unforgettable and one of a kind atmosphere. 50 samples made by VIcious Antelope is the base of this pack.

Listen to 12 Space Whales psychedelic sound or the nostalgic vibes of 1981 patch. A Silent Meteor is a unique synthetic choir - Calm Planets encompass some chill vibes while Cosmos Rising has a distinctive retrofuturitic sci-fi character. From the other side Dare sound a bit folky.

Sympan Vol.2 is a set of 60 sound presets with futuristic synth sounds, dreamilike lines and granular longs.

Arturia Pigments synth comes with a granular engine that allows to create complex, evolving sounds. It comes with plenty of granular adjusting tools and options of the highest quality.

Presets walkthrough video


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