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Arturia Pigments patches - Analog Teeth - Compact Soundbank

Analog, warm and dark. Analog Teeth is a small soundbank for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V that consists of 15 Saw - Ramp oscillator patches designed with analog engine of the synth. The patches are very diverse in style and could be used to create a variety of sound textures, from bone-chilling chiptune sounds to metallic leads. It is a compact soundbank with particular character.

A saw oscillator is a type of wave that can be found in almost any synthesizer. It is a waveform with a distinctive sawtooth shape.

A sawtooth waveform has a distintive sound character deriving from the existence of both of even and odd harmonics above its root frequency. Saw oscillators are one of the most common types found in synthesizers because they have a rich and complex timbre that sounds great.

Arturia Pigments analog engine is a very untuitive tool to design analog sounding patches - it hides a great power within.


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