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Arturia Pigments patches - Blue Pads

Our 30 slow evolving synths are perfect for creating beautiful background and adding depth and atmosphere to music productions. With Blue Pads, you can create lush soundscapes, warm ambiances, and dreamy textures in no time. Crafted with Arturia Pigments, Blue Pads is a nice small soundbank with focused character.

It is available for both Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V.

Slow evolving synths are a great way to create an atmospheric background for any type of music. They can be used to create a dreamy atmosphere, or to add tension and suspense. By using slow evolving synths, producers can craft a soundscape that will captivate the listener and draw them into the song.

All four macros - reverb, wavefold, more voices and FM - can be used to create a unique atmosphere. By assigning the MW to vibrato and the ATto pitch modulation, we can add a wide range of new sonic dimension and movement in sounds that will add depth, captivating feelings and textured scapes.

Presets walkthrough video


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