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Arturia Pigments presets - Tundra

Get ready to explore the depths of sound with Tundra! Our 100 presets soundbank brings you a wide variety of basses, pads, leads, keys and synths with a cold atmosphere inspired by the tundra biome. Get creative with our experimental sounds and add new dimensions to your music with its modulation options.

Fits to any genre – from electronic to cinematic, rock to ambient and everything in between. With a big range of sounds, Tundra will help you achieve a multidimensional sonic result for your productions.

This is our first soundbank for Arturia PIgments synth.

Arturia Pigments is a powerful software instrument that provides a wide range of experimental sound manipulation options. It offers an extensive creation toolkit for crafting sounds, from classic analog synths to modern digital textures. The software also features an intuitive user interface, allowing to quickly and easily create incredible sounds.

This soundset is part of our Biome series for Pigments. Within this 10 part collection I try to explore our home's biome sonically.

Presets walkthrough video

Introduction video song - All music produced with Tundra only

Also available for Analog Lab V users here


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