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Arturia Pigments Soundset - Steppe

Whether you want to create immersing cinematic music, experimental electronic sounds, or progressive rock synth riffs, Steppe is here to help you explore the boundless possibilities of sound synthesis. Leads, Keys, Synths and Pads are the main categories of the 80 included patches.

The library offers a great variety of soundcolors and styles from soft leads and atmospheres to evolving pads, lofi keys and a cold choir patch. For most patches the 4 macros are assigned to a variety of stuff and experimenting with that would achieve more interesting sonic dimensions in your productions.

This soundset is part of our Biome series for Pigments. Within this 10 part collection I try to explore our home's biomes sonically.

It is also available for Analog Lab V users

Pigments by Arturia is a powerful tool for musicians looking to create cinematic music, electronic, experimental and prog rock. As a result Steppe offers a wide range of synths, keys, leads and pads that are tailored to fit the sound of these genres.

Presets walkthrough video


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