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Broken - Free Omnisphere soundbank

Ignite your productions with Broken - Omnisphere 2, a free soundbank consisting of 24 patches! Get your hands on vibrant, organic patches inspired by rock, electronic, cinematic and other genres. Whether you want to elevate your music's production quality or capture the same sound of iconic artists, Broken is your ultimate all-in-one plugin that you need. Download it now for free!

Our custom-made soundbank contains an array of innovative & experimental soundsources, designed just to get your creative juices flowing. Access all these unique samples with just the press of a key - add the perfect sound color to your tracks.

Each patch has a unique character and style - from traditional 90's ballads to fuzzy stoner rock that'll bring the grit and dirt you need for your mix.

When it comes to effect chaining in this soundbank, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Modulations, delays, amps or reverbs are being placed in different orders to produce a desired experimental sound. As such, using the classic way of effect chaining is not always applicable here.

Discover sensational sounds with Broken! Get creative with Aftertouch and Ring Modulation on almost all patches. All 24 presets based on five custom Soundsources designed in our "sound laboratories" - all ready to use in your music productions.


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