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Cherry Audio CA2600 Presets - Retro Sunrises

Retro Sunrises is a Cherry Audio CA2600 Presets pack with 20 experimental synth leads perfect for techno producers.

Cherry Audio CA2600 Presets
Retro Sunrises for CA2600 | Artwork

Beside its small size it is a useful addition with heavy modular synthetic sounds.

Retro Sunrise 01 has a full vintage sound perfect for atmospheric melodies, Retro Sunrise 02 is a woodwind like modular patch, Retro Sunrise 03 is a classic Bodzin stack sound with resonant character, Retro Sunrise 04 is a bit unstable, Retro Sunrise 05 is a modulation heaven, Retro Sunrise 06 bright with a nice effect like sound following the main body of the synth and Retro Sunrise 07 is a classic vintage techno preset.

Retro Sunrise 11 is dirty but atmospheric, Retro Sunrise 12 is futuristic and whimsical, Retro Sunrise 13 is creepy, Retro Sunrise 14 has a nice analog synth vibe, Retro Sunrise 17 is hollow and Retro Sunrise 18 has a guitar like quality.

Presets walkthrough video

CA2600 ® is a registered trademark of Cherry Audio


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