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Cherry Audio Memorymode Presets - Memory Keys 3

Today we have thrown 50 Cherry Audio Memorymode Presets under the name Memory Keys 3. This retro soundset is great for some vintage music productions.

Cherry Audio Memorymode Presets
Memory Keys 3 Artwork - Memorymode Sounds

This is the last of our Memory Keys series for this great synth of Cherry Audio. It covers a big variety of music genres like retro sci-fi themed, vintage game audio, synthwave, new age music and other.

Within this Memodymode pack you can find a lot of types of synth keys from cold to emotional and from steady to moving ones.

But let's take a quick look to 7 of the included presets.

Memory Key 201 is a nostalgic classic synth with some emotional vibes. Its gently almost resonant attack is combined nice with the retro body sound - it is a sound with sci-fi dimensions, I could say vintage sci-fi ones.

Memory Key 206 is a new age triumphant synth. It is epic, it is moving throughout the stereo field, it is majestic in a synthetic way and it is very powerful. Nice to add some melodic parts that play important role to your track.

Memory Key 223 from the other way is far more emotional and sentimental. It hides a sweet sonic memory from the past - for me this sound is a sonic journey through the movies I loved about 30 years ago.

Memory Key 222 is a classic analog synthwave almost pad synthesizer. It has all the basic elements for being the background of a track of this genre. It sounds liquid, warm and ecstatic - almost it's like I am seeing those neon lights on a big city avenue of the 80's when I am listening to this.

Memory Key 208 is a bit weird I think. It's modulated sound is not very usual. It has this cassette like sound quality and a heavy touch of moving around feeling. It is rich in frequencies - although the mids are more present than the other ones.

Memory Key 224 is a classic pad synth key of the eighties. It is versatile in sounding - I could say this is a cliche eighties synthesizer. Almost neutral in sonic color and intensity it is nice for more felt than heard background layer.

Memory Key 217 is a sci-fi effect like synth. It has a out of this world siren element and a heavy rough razor bass sound. It is better suitable for some effect like passages than for some melodic or harmonic performances.

You can grab Memory Keys 3 for Memorymode vst at:

Quick Preview video

Full Walkthrough video of the included synth presets

MEMORYMODE ® is a registered trademark of Cherry Audio


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