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Cinematic Pigments 4 Expansion

Our new Cinematic Pigments 4 Expansion has been released. It is continuing our Solar System series and it is also available for Analog Lab V users.

Cinematic Pigments 4 Expansion
Solar System: Mars Artwork

In this versatile soundbank we can find 72 cinematic synth presets that could also fit to electronic music and ambient music productions among other genres.

All sounds here are categorizer in 12 subgroups - each subgroup is a characteristic of Mars, the 4th planet of our Sun.

Let's dive a but deeper and check one synth patch of each subgroup. 687 Days 01 sounds like a saturated harpsi. Martian Dust Devil 01 is so whimsical, emotional and great for nice and quick melodic parts. Moving forward to Martian Fields subset and listen to the weird sci-fi based Martian Fields 04 with its hollow yet full of emotions keys. Martian Fire 01 is a dark, gloomy full of agony preset polysynth while Martian Heights 06 adds a nice 80's retrofuturistic view of the top of the Martian mountains. Martian Shadow 03 has a nice evolving start with a subtly stifling atmo.

Olympus Mons 01 is one of my favorite here - great full sound and so versatile in terms of performance - pad, polysynth, keys, lead, bass - it could be used almost for everything. Red Skies subgroup contains 6 evolving pads - listen to Red Skies 06 angelic choirs synth. Solar Wind Hits 03 could be easily take place on an epic quick interstellar war intro theme. All The Martian presets are very unique - like The Martian 06 where some Martians are yelling in an unheard language. Then, we have the Vintage lead section. LIsten to the puchy yet dreamy Two Moons 05 with its unique soundcolor. Then the epic View Of Phobos 02 is filling the soundfield with its morbid and hazardous dimension.

Once again it was such a great pleasure to sonically try to explain my view of the Red Planet - Pigments has so many high quality tools to work with.

All presets' walkthrough could be watched in the video below


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