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Cinematic Pigments Soundbank: Ganymede

Ganymede includes 72 cinematic synths for Arturia Pigments 4 and Analog Lab V synths. There are 6 different subgroups of sounds try to emulate in the sonic world of the characteristics of Ganymede, the biggest moon of Jupiter.

Pigments vst presets
Ganymede Soundbank Artwork

One of the most exciting features of the pack is the 12 "orbital pads" section where the sound orbits within the stereo field like a moon orbits its planet.

"Jupiter View" section contains 12 breathtaking pads - putting the listener on Ganymede's fields and staring at the huge Jupiter planet.

The "magnetic field" group of presets is consisting of flat dynamics synths - like magnetism is keeping the sounds low in the field's level.

Here you could also find some nice synth keys, dark pads and distorted synths.

Presets walkthrough video


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