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Earth Soundbank for Arturia Pigments

Earth Soundbank for Arturia Pigments has been released with 72 cinematic flavored keys. It is also available for Analog Lab V users. This pack is our new volume in our sonic journey through our Solar System series.

Earth Soundbank for Arturia Pigments
Arturia Pigments Earth Artwork

Within its 72 crafted patches we can unfold some melodic parts from a classic or modern view. In this one I actually wanted to design some patches inspired by both organs and electric piano ... and voila.

The sounds could be used in many many genres like cinematic, ballads, game audio, electronica, synthwave and more.

Let's take a quick view of Earth soundbank for Pigments vst.

The Lakes 03 is a haunted piano synth with creepy atmosphere perfect to add some tension within its melodic ID. The Deserts 01 is more sci-fi oriented key with some nice sound tails embracing the other parts of the music.

Moon View 04 is both triumphant and soft - at least at my ears. In the bottom registers of the keyboard it sound full and majestic while going to the upper registers some softness is being introduced. I could say that it is a nice preset for both hands performances.

Deep Blue 04 is so beautiful in its modulated weirdness. Its emotions are all over the stereo field. I could easily describe it like the synth itself is crying from sadness. I believe that this one sines in minor scales, but that's a matter of taste.

Rain 02 is futuristic and optimistic. It exhales a hopeful sentimental sound perfect for some ballads maybe or why not for some emotional electronic music passages. The delay here is very important aspect of the final result.

Moving to The Cities 03 we have a dark and almost ducky sound while a part of the sound is acting like a "soft" sonic razor full of emotions. I think this one is adding a sleek rhythm pattern in the sound layer making it nice for some background music movement.

The Mountains 01 is epic, majestic and very organic. Almost like being part of a Renaissance type of orchestra. Sounds really cinematic and brings memories from older centuries of the music history to the contemporary domain.

You can grab Earth sound libray for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V at our e-shop here:

There are 2 videos available for this soundset. A quick almost 3 and a half minutes recap and a full presets walkthrough one.

Recap Video

Full Video walkthrough


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