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Eight Voice Synth Presets

Today we have released a new pack of Cherry Audio Eight Voice Synth Presets, a very dark one. It contains 30 synths with 2 layers of four voices polyphony for a full vintage and homogenized sonic result.

Eight Voice Synth Presets
OB Darkness Soundbank Artwork

Taking a journey through this small but useful soundbank we listen to the OB Darkness 01 really epic polysynth that gives some great slow atmospheric melodies. OB Darkness 02 is a bit modulated and lo-fi. OB Darkness 03 is shorter with a punchy start and an emotional sound body.

OB Darkness 06 has a very catchy detuned sound with retro vibes and nostalgic sonic ambience. OB Darkness 10 is a classic synth of past decades and OB Darkness 13 reminds somehow the character of OB Darkness 06. OB Darkness 18 is heavy like a juggernaut is passing from the monitors. OB Darkness 20 is full of profound sentiments and finally OB Darkness 30 and last on is classic synth with an organic sonic identity,

As told before for this one the 8 voices of this great synth emulation is divided in two different stacks each one of 4 - except of a couple of presets - creating a big wall of sound in the gloomy side of the sonic dimension.

A presets walkthrough video is available below


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