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Free Arturia Pigments expanse Shallow contains 18 custom samples based synth patches

With its custom samples as the main ingredient of the sound, Shallow is a nice freebie tool for Pigments and Analog Lab V. This soundbank contains 18 free retro sonically presets

Pigments great tools for manipulating imported samples can lead to new dimensions in terms of audio timbre colors. Beside being a small expanse this one contains a huge variety of sounds. And it is free.... forever!

Listen to all uniqye sound in the video presets walkthrough video below.

Swim into the "deep sonic waters" of Shallow sound expansion while adding some feel and emotion right exactly from the past.

This one is one more example of the great capabilities featuring in this synthesizer. Additionaly its great integration for Analog Lab V lets us to use each sound we create with Pigments with this one also.

Presets video

Some patches are really fat, others have a mid frequency sounding character while others are punchy. It also includes a synth choir with nice calming atmospheric vibes and a classic electronic music stab of past decades. Dream Lead has a 70's temper found in many progressive rock bands of this era and Full Of Flaws is very unique.

Enjoy this freebie...


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