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Our first soundbank for Arturia JUN-6 V has been released - The Jun Synth Vol.1 contains 50 presets

Roland Juno-6 is one of the most iconic synthesizer in music history. Many great composers and many bands have used it within their songs and tracks. Arturia has released a great emulation of this synth and it sounds amazing.

I think that it was time to get my hands to this piece of art. I was exactly planning of releasing a retro soundbank and I also wanted to be a pack with very remarkable sound - so using Arturia JUN-6 V was the answer to my thoughts.

The Juno-6 is a synth that was introduced as an affordable alternative to polyphonic synthesizers in the beginning of the 1980s. At my own ears one of the most significant parts of this synth is the chorus effect if includes, for a good reason.

Within this pack you can find 50 patches of old school sounds where for most of them the memorable chorus has a great impact on the exhaling sonic result. There are some classic polys, some long (not so long although) atmospheres, some lo-fi and dark keys, some plucks and a group of poly leads.

The Jun Synth Vol.1 contains 50 different patches for your retro questing music projects.

Jun Synth 04 has some nice vintage vibes. Jun Synth 05 sounds darker with a futuristic essence while June Synth 06 is crispy in the lower frequencies. Jun Synth 07 is a classic progressive rock synth while the next Jun Synth 08 patch hugs some Sci-Fi touches. Jun Synth 09 is so classic and the Jun Synth 11 is multidimensional and gloomy in a retro way. The Jun Synth 12 is one of my favorites.

Moving forward to the pads section and the evolving organic Jun Synth 23 or the Jun Synth 24 with dark atmospheric temper. The Jun Synth 25 has some weird type of motion. The Synth Jun 35 is very experimental while the Jun Synth 36 sounds wonderful with its optimistic timbre. Jun Synth 40 adds to the attack of the sound with a fairly big absence of body. The 42 one is almost unplayable with the glide it has,

The last poly lead synths are pretty much brighter and perfect for quick melodic performances.

In general it was a great joy when designing those patches. A lot of songs or movies from my childhood age came instantly in my mind. I wish I could manage to get a hardware unit of this synth. Nevertheless, Arturia once again did a great job. More soundbanks for Jun-6 V will come soon.

This pack is also available for Arturia Analog Lab V

You could listen to all patches of the collection in the video

Jun-6 V ® is a registered trademark of ARTURIA SA


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