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Patches for Pigments 3 by Arturia - Desert

Experience the power of sound with Desert for Arturia Pigments ! Our last Biome series soundpack is a powerful punch of 80 atmospheric sounds, including 70 evolving synths and pads and 10 experimental percussions. Unleash your creativity and explore new sonic possibilities with this Arturia's incredible synth patches collection.

Here you could find a wide range of emotional sounds, percussion, patches with medium attack speed, dark atmospheres and classic synths. It can be used to create anything from beautiful pads to complex movements. It's perfect for those looking for a diverse palette of sounds to work with - from dark and brooding atmospheres to bright and uplifting melodies.

The desert biome is a fascinating and diverse ecosystem that is home to a wide variety of plants, animals, and people. It is characterized by extreme temperatures, low rainfall, and limited vegetation. Despite its harsh conditions, the desert biome has adapted over time to support a wide range of life forms. From cacti to camels, the desert biome provides an interesting look into how organisms are able to survive in such an extreme environment.

From the scorching heat of the Sahara to the cool nights of the Mojave this Arturia Pigments soundset is sonically exploring this ecosystem.

Also available for Analog Lab V here

Presets walkthrough video


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