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Phase Plant Presets | Over The Clouds

A new pack of Kilohearts Phase Plant Preset has been released today under the name of "Over The Clouds". It contains more than 50 synth keys with luminous and brilliand sonic characteristics, that match to numerous music styles and genres.

Phase Plant Presets
Over The Clouds for Phase Plant - Artwork

Beside the presets are mainly sitting on the right side of the frequency field - there is a huge variation of sound colors and timbres within the soundset.

The Over The Clouds 01 patch is triumphant with eighties vibes, Over The Clouds 02 comes with a weird sound design approach of a cheap organ, Over The Clouds 03 is sounding like a fairytale, Over The Clouds 08 is so unique on the highs, Over The Clouds 09 is like a one woman choir with a nice pipe like instrument following her, Over The Clouds 12 is so emotional and warm and Over The Clouds 13 has a nice plucky folklore identity.

Moving forward to Over The Clouds 33 is a classic polysynth, Over The Clouds 36 is a bit epic, Over The Clouds 37 could find its way to some vintage videogames music, Over The Clouds 40 is 100% organic, Over The Clouds 42 is very weird and dimensional, Over The Clouds 45 has some nice harmonics and Over The Clouds 47 is a sonic dream.

Phaseplant has so many great tools to design sounds and in this one I focused on creating some bright ones, mostly plucky and atmospheric. More soundsets to come in the near future for Phase Plant to cover genres like cinematic music, electronic music, ambient and other.

You can grab it at our e-shop in the following link:

Watch all presets demonstration below

Phaseplant ® is a registered trademark of Kilohearts


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