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Phobos synth presets for Arturia Pigments

Today we have released the Phobos synth presets for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V. Continuing our Solar System soundset series we now explore Phobos - a small moon that orbits Mars Planet.

Phobos synth presets for Arturia Pigments
Solar System: Phobos - Preset Pack Artwork

There are 12 subgroups of presets, each one of 6 synth patches.

  1. Fear

  2. View Of Mars

  3. Deimos View

  4. Close To Mars

  5. 1877

  6. Stickney Crater

  7. Limtoc Crater

  8. Gulliver Crater

  9. Phobos Monolith

  10. Over Red Planet

  11. Impact Craters

  12. Walking On Phobos

All presets here were created by custom samples we designed especially for conveying the Phobos in athesonic world. But let's go to one preset of each different subgroup.

Fear 02 is cinematic, triumphant and intense in a lo-fi way. View of Mars 06 is a bit bright but with a lot of emotions coming for the rhythmic style it has. Deimos View 02 is really gloomy and with some crazy decimated elements. Close To Mars 03 is so ιnhuman and like being alone in the hostile and icy universe. 1877 01 is majestic in a dark sci-fi way. Stickney Crater 04 is so crazy and emotional with gliding like effects that create a unique atmopsheric sounds.

Limtoc Crater 01 embraces some nice warm sonic elements with some dark 80s classic synth sounds. Gulliver Crater 05 sounds like a broken untuned piano that is on the surface of Phobos and someone plays music while Red Planet throws its shadow. Phobos Monolith 01 is short and punchy with a touch of saturation in its attack portion. Over Red Planet 03 actually sounds like a distorted broken hammond of the seventies. Impact Craters 06 is dark airy and so stifling. Walking On Phobos 03 is like violins are playing their last symphony in a dark hall over a Phobos crater.

Watch all presets performance below


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