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Pigments soundbank - Ocean also available for Analog Lab V - Arturia

Create beautiful, immersive soundscapes with Ocean, the latest soundbank for Arturia Pigments part of our Biome series. Featuring 80 brand-new presets - pads, synths, keys, leads and basses - all expertly crafted using the powerful Pigments wavetable engine - you'll be able to bring your productions to life. With Ocean you'll be able to create fuller, and deeper sounds with ease.

Explore the sound depths of our planet's seas and discover new audio worlds like never before.

The ocean biome is a vast and complex environment, covering 70% of the Earth’s surface and encompassing many different habitats. From the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench to the shallow coral reefs, this biome is home to an incredible variety of fish, plants, animals and other organisms. The ocean biome provides a unique ecosystem for these creatures to thrive in, with its unique combination of temperature and salinity that affects the behavior of its inhabitants. In addition to providing sustenance for its inhabitants, the ocean also plays an important role in regulating global climate patterns.

With this Arturia's Pigments soundbank we take a trip through those deep places as all patches are influenced by the depths of our planet’s seas.

Also available for Analog Lab V users here

Presets walkthrough video


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