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Synapse Audio Obsession Presets - Hyperview

Our first pack of Synapse Audio Obsession Presets has been released. Under the name Hyperview it includes no less than 96 vintage and classic synths with sonic cinematic elements.

Synapse Audio Obsession Presets - Synth Patches
Hyperview - Obsession VST Soundbank

There are two categories of sound types here - poly synths and synth pads. They fit for a variety of music genres especially if you need to add some analog synth layers with cinematic vibes in your productions.

All synth patches carry the sonic character of the Oberheim OB-Xa synth that this synth plugin emulates. So be prepared for some nice rich sounds with 80's flavored timbres and emotions ready to add some sweet pure candy to your music tracks.

Let's take a look to some of the presets that are coming with Hyperview soundbank. Hyperview 01 is a classic synthwave plucky preset, Hyperview 02 is a simple bright synth with versatile sound, Hyperview 03 is a sci-fi dreaming synth key, Hyperview 06 is punchy, Hyperview 09 is very nostalgic, Hyperview 18 is moving back and forth with its retro identity, Hyperview 22 is a brassy synth born in eighties decade, Hyperview 23 is fluid and sentimental, Hyperview 34 has a very sweet timbre from the past and Hyperview 35 reminds of Jean Michel Jarre works.

In the Pads section we have the Hyperview 56 which sounds like a synth brass, Hyperview 57 is a soundtrack for the dawn, Hyperview 58 is mild saturated and nostalgic, Hyperview 64 is very long and atmospheric. Going to preset 65 we have a slow triumphant pad like walking on a new discovered planet and Hyperview 66 introduces some nice ambiences. The Hyperview 77 is moving so slow in the upper frequencies with a hollow sound body and Hyperview 83 is full of feelings.

As Hyperview is my first soundbank for Obsession synth plugin I have been really very impressed with the tone of the oscillators and the sonic character of the filter. I am sure I am going to release some more presets for this gem by Synapse Audio in the near future.

Full demonstration video of all synth sounds of Hyperview

OBSESSION ® is a registered trademark of Synapse Audio Software


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