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Synth Presets for Elka-X

Plucks Of Elka Vol.2 is the second soundbank of this series after Plucks Of Elka Vol.1 and it contains 51 short synth keys / plucks for Cherry Audio Elka-X. Its sounds vary from crystalline bright keys to some soft plucks and from some classic 80's synthwave to some organic shorts.

Synth Presets for Elka-X by Cherry Audio
Plucks Of Elka Vol.2 Artwork

They can easily be used for synthwave, synthpop, vintage videogame music compositions, electronica, some ambient stuff or some classic new age productions.

Its main goal is to add some Elka like character within a short time in your tracks - fantasy, retrofuturism, calmness - are some of the dimensions they convey in the sonic enviroment.

I love this Cherry Audio Emulation and I believe that it is very capable to create a lot of different sounds for retro lovers to more contemporary ones.

Those synth presets for Elka-X are the last of this soundbanks series that only contain synth plucks. Most likely I will create some more short keys for this beauty in the near future under different soundbank's name.

You could listen to all 51 synth presets of this collection in the video below


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