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U-He Repro 5 progressive rock synth patches, North soundbank with 30 vintage sounding presets

If you are a synth player in a progressive rock band then check this out. The North soundbank is a collection of 30 synth / pad presets designed specifically for U-He's Repro 5. These sounds have been carefully crafted to create moody and nostalgic atmospheres.

Listen to the hammond vibes or the deep analog tones of some patches here. Some of them sounds like crispy distorted electric pianos and other have a harpsi-like sound exhaling from the synth. Synthetic trumpets of a different era and bass frequency dominant polysynths are also part of this useful Repro 5 Expanse. Explore the deep emotional fields of Dark Power patch.

Those sounds are inspired by some of my favorite prog rock bands of our times.

But as we know progressive rock even today introduces us new ways of vintage flavored sounds - that is the main goal of this product.

And Repro 5 is like it has been born to create those types of synths. Amazing quality and a vast field of experimentation is always possible with this U-He's plugin. Maybe it time to make a related to this soundbank for Repro 1 now - I think they will be a perfect combination of harmonic and melodic composition sonic tools.

Take a nostalgic journey to the past with the presets video below


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