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Week Recap - Synth Presets by Vicious Antelope - 11 new packs

New Releases

Synth Presets by Vicious Antelope

This week we have released 11 new soundbanks.

Free Patterns contains 16 free Serum presets that are based on rhythm patterns – defining by the LFO 1 of the synth. It is rather better to be used as a secondary base of sound layering than putting the sounds in the front place of a track. Its main purpose is to add some rhythm variation in the background.

70s Mist soundbank contains 25 progressive rock lead synth presets for Arturia ARP 2600 V and Analog Lab V. All sounds have this raw “seventies” based sonic character with some experimental elements, a combination that was often used in this great era for music.

In My Prism contains 25 experimental presets for Native Instruments Prism synthesizer. Here you can find some weird stuff sounding like prepared piano, violins, glasses, mallets and string pizzicatos among others.

Gloomy Pads contains 30 dark sounding long synths for Arturia Jup-8 V4 and Analog Lab V. They have a heavy cinematic character with analog synthetic low mid power to create some stunning and immersive atmospheres.

Super Retro Pads contains 50 classic typical vintage synth pads for Native Instruments Super 8 Reaktor Instrument. From 80’s brassy stuff to slow evolving prog rock pads and from calming atmospheres to synth strings here you can find a nice sonic variety of what’s defined as “classic” synth sound.

Shaped Pads contains 30 pads for Native Instruments Razor synth. The sounds are experimental with an edged sharp character and they are suitable for cinematic and game audio tracks as well as some experimental styles and prog rock.

Bass Colors contains 35 analog synthetic and monophonic basses for U-He Diva synth. Relying on the great sounding Oscillators and Filters of Diva those bass presets are shared between warm ones and crispy ones.

Free Leads is a freebie soundbank with 20 melodic synth presets for Native Instruments Massive X plugin. Having its roots in the works of some of my favorite progressive rock bands from the past, this soundbank fit to a variety of genres to add melodic aspects in the production.

Tube Keys is an experimental collection of 25 key presets for Brainworx Knifonium synth. This is a very peculiar and focused soundbank with generally dirty sounds and fits for experimental music journeys. They best work on one hand performances with mostly 2 keys played simultaneously – at least for my taste.

Atmospheric Dune contains 51 cinematic and atmospheric long synth presets for Synapse Audio Dune 3. The included presets could be easily combined with orchestral sounds and create some nice hybrid parts in your music.

Book Of Prog: Keys is a collection of 50 vintage progressive rock keys for Cherry Audio Pro Soloist synth plugin that focuses in the early 70’s Progressive Rock genre. Within those keys we can find some classic wah-wah styled keys, distorted hammond like sounds, dreamy and emotional synths and keys with a moving sounding pattern among other.

Monark Leads is a collection of 30 gritty, “unmusical” synth analog sounds for Native Instruments Monark. The main goal here is to add some analog flavored atmospheres in a dark and destructive way. For most presets the use of MW adds unexpected types of pitch or filter of both modulations.

You can find all videos with full presets demonstration in the products pages and in our youtube channel


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