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Synth Presets - Soundbanks - Reaktor Ensembles

More than 550 Soundbanks and 23.000 Synth Presets for 88 Synth Plugins

Presets for Synths - Soundbanks

Here you can find a extensive library of high quality soundpacks and synth presets for some of the best soft synths like Massive X, Pigments, Diva, Zebra 2, Omnisphere 2, Hive 2, Repro, Massive X, Dune 3, Serum and Sylenth. More than 500 Soundpacks and 23000 synth presets are already here to introduce new sound dimensions to your music productions. For most of our soundbanks you could find a video performing of those synth presets without any additional audio processing at our youtube channel here, so you know what you buy.  

Our synth presets cover a huge variety of music genres and styles like Electronic, Techno, House, Rock and Metal, Post Rock, Progressive Rock, Cinematic, Game Audio, Soundtrack, Synthwave, Ambient and Experimental among other.

Try to keep optimal levels of your synth tracks to avoid digital clipping from the synth’s output for the best sounding resultsWhile designing the sounds we try to keep at a good level but as the final level is a result of many different factors e.g., how many keys are pressed and with how much velocity always try to avoid digital clipping.

Legal notes: 

When purchasing our soundbanks you get a Non-Exclusive License to use the included presets as part of your commercial and non-commercial music compositions.

Synth Presets

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