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Recording studio 

In Vicious Antelope Productions recording studio we offer high quality audio mixing and audio mastering services, podcast audio editing, ghost producing and many more.

Who we are | What we do

Vicious Antelope Productions recording studio was founded on 2017 by Apostolos Vagios a musician, composer and mixing and mastering engineer. The services we offer are based on two very important principles to us.

First comes capturing your main goal with your project, what do you want to say with your creations, what are the music elements you want to emphasize and your personal perception and view of music. Second principle is to deliver you high quality products according to today's needs and professional standards. Even if you record your music in your home or at another recording studio we could offer professional mixing and mastering services.

We offer a high diversity package of audio and music related services with passion and great respect to you and your needs. Following today's standards we evolve every day to face the challenges of music industry. This is the philosophy of our recording studio. We try to get better and better through our work and through learning and learning again (this never stops).

You do not pay unless you like our work. If you want to order an audio mixing package e.g. we first send you a 30 - 40 seconds snippet of the part of your song you choose and only if you like we go on. Please refer to each different service page to find more information of how does this work in every service we offer.

Our recording studio offers audio mixing services and audio mastering services for any musical style. We specialized in keyboard and synthesizer recordings. Another interesting service is podcast audio editing. We clear and polish your podcast episodes to meet today's loudness and audio quality standards or we could add some intro / outro and main music theme. We also offer reamping services for you electric guitar tracks.

Among those "technical" related services we offer original music (OST) and ghost producing for you and your projects. Apostolos Vagios is also a musician and composer. His main field is Electronic Music, EDM, Rock and Heavy Metal, Pop Music, Classical Music and Scores for Films, Video Games, Wedding Videos etc. all of their sub genres and hybrid combinations of those genres.

Vicious Antelope recording studio has an active soundcloud account where you could listen to some of our portfolio. 

Control Room

The heart of our recording studio is a great balanced acoustic room. 

We use high quality equipment to ensure that the quality of our services meets today's highest professional standards. 

We use Genelec 2.1 Monitoring System and high quality AD/DA converters and preamps by UAD. 

Various External hardware effects and amps and high quality DAWs and plugins for every recording, mixing and mastering situation.

Working online with our recording studio

Most of the services of our recording studio can be accessed online through file transfer services like google drive, wetransfer etc. We offer a free snippet preview of out work free of charge. For further information please feel free to contact with us. We love to talk with musicians.

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