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Synth Presets and Soundbanks, Audio Productions, Mixing And Mastering

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synth plugin presets & SOUNDBANKS

Here you can find premium soundbanks for various plugin synths for great prices. We design synth presets for the best synths out there. Arps, Basses, Pads, Leads, Plucks, Stabs, FX for various music genres.

Each preset is crafted to give you new ways of inspiration. 

Massive X, Pigments 3, Zebra 2, DIVA, Serum, Omnisphere 2, Hive 2, Repro 5 and Sylenth are some of the software synthesizers we have soundbanks for.

Our synth presets cover a huge variety of music genres and styles like Electronic, Techno, House, Rock and Metal, Post Rock, Progressive Rock, Cinematic, Game Audio, Soundtrack and Experimental among other.

DJ Set

MUSIC mixing & mastering

We offer professional mixing and mastering services for your music. Even you are an individual musician or band our target is to deliver you high quality mixes and masters ready for releasing. Unlimited revision rounds included to ensure your satisfaction for every aspect of the production. 

We respect your music taste so first we listen to you to understand your vision and goals for your creations. Mixing and mastering could be done in many many ways. Our commitment is to apply the proper audio editing to get a result that meets your specific needs while sounding fully professional. We use some of the best tools out there to make your music shine. Individual mixing or individual mastering services are also provided.

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Podcast audio post production

We turn your raw podcast recordings to a final audio product ready to provide a premium listening experience to your audience. Noise removal (plosives, mouth clicks, crackles and other), polishing of the overall recording, cutting unwanted frequencies and achieving a cohesive flow in terms of audio level to meet all modern professional requirements is our job. 

You stay focused on your actual podcast "to do" things like preparing your scripts, organizing the topics or scheduling your guests. Then just hit send your recordings to us and we take it from there. We deliver you the final podcast in High Quality Audio ready to be uploaded to your favorite podcast hosting platform. We also offer a free animated audiogram of each episode for free to use it for video promotion of your podcast.