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Synth Presets and Soundbanks

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synth presets & SOUNDBANKS

Vicious Antelope provides you with premium soundbanks for some of the most popular plugin synths in the market, giving you access to thousands of high-quality, professionally designed synth presets.

Here you can find premium soundbanks for various plugin synths for great prices. We design synth presets for the best synths out there. Arps, Basses, Pads, Leads, Plucks, Stabs, FX for various music genres.

Each preset is crafted to give you new ways of inspiration.

Native Instruments Massive X, Arturia Pigments, U-He Zebra 2, U-He DIVA, Xfer Records Serum, Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2, U-He Hive 2, U-He Repro 5 and Lennar Digital Sylenth are some of the software synthesizers we have soundbanks for.

Our synth presets cover a huge variety of music genres and styles like Cinematic and Soundtrack Music, Game Audio Music, Electronic, Techno, Ambient Music, Vintage electronic music, Synthwave and Retrowave, House, Rock and Metal, Post Rock, Progressive Rock and Experimental music among others.

There are some conventional sounds that have their classic way of using them in music tracks and productions. Long evolving pad atmospheres, vintage monophonic lead synths, vintage sounding keys, classic sounding basses, synth strings, guitar based patches or dark polyphonic synthesizer sounds among others.

Beside them there are some more experimental sounding patches with a variety of sonic character. Cinematic flavored pads, horror based sounds, heavy modulated analog synths and other. There are also soundbanks that are based on custom samples created in our "sound laboratory".

Crafting those synth presets for all of those software synths is the result of a lot of elements that inspire me. Some soundbanks are influenced by artists, bands and musicians I love. You could easily tell my love for progressive rock bands or some legendary composers of film music. Somewhere in between lies my taste in electronic music artists  and heavy metal bands.

Some soundbanks are genre focused - although I believe that every sound could be use for a variety of music productions. The only limit in creating music is our imagination after all.  

There are also some soundbanks inspired by the everyday things in our life. Deriving from stuff like nature, fauna and flora, seasons and epochs, places and other.

Almost every Friday we release a free soundbank for a variety of synths.

In general I have in mind to create sounds that are actually usable and very handy for your music tracks and productions.

Try to keep optimal levels of your synth tracks to avoid digital clipping from the synth’s output for the best sounding results. While designing the sounds we try to keep at a good level but as the final level is a result of many different factors e.g., how many keys are pressed and with how much velocity always try to avoid digital clipping.

Available synth presets in our shop

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Synth Soundbanks And Kontakt Libraries

Vicious Antelope offers a variety of professional synth presets to allow you to instantly create your own unique sound. We offer dsynth presets for Omnisphere 2, U-He Diva, Arturia Pigments and more. These high quality sound design tools help you quickly use everything from synth pads to synth leads, custom audio samples based synth presets and more in your music productions - whichever your genre.

Presets by genre

Cinematic Music presets


Cinematic music is a type of music that has a sense of drama and emotion. It is also associated with certain types of movies and television shows. Cinematic music is often used to create moods in media, such as suspense, fear, or sadness. It can be heard in the background of a scene or as an underscore to the dialogue. This form of music often relies heavily on orchestral instruments and sound effects as well as synthesizers. The style takes its roots from classical compositions but it has been adapted to fit the needs of modern media.


​Our synth presets are designed to be easy to use and give you creative and experimental sounds that you could use on your next cinematic compositions. They are designed to give you a wide range of colors, textures and sonic possibilities. A variety of patches are available - perfect for audiovisual projects such as film music, film scores, and video games.


Electronic Music presets

Electronic music is not just one genre. It is a term that can refer to a wide range of music that has been generated by the use of electronic musical instruments or sound processing equipment. Electronic music has taken the world by storm and is now one of the most popular genres in all of music. Synthesizers and Drum Machines can be combined with other instruments or voices to create innovative and new sounds.

Vicious Antelope synth preset packs is a vast collection of professionally designed presets for various synths and plugin instruments. If you're looking to create some really inspiring electronic music, these presets may be just what you need! For almost every pack there is a dedicated presets walkthrough video.


Synthwave presets

Synthwave music, also known as retro wave, is a genre of electronic music that is inspired by 1980s pop culture. It was first introduced before 2010 and it has been gaining popularity since then. Synthwave has a distinctive sound with an emphasis on 80s-style synthesizers, electric guitars and drum machines. The sound can be described as nostalgic and cinematic. Yamaha CS-80 is an iconic instrument of this genre. Synthwave is often associated with cyberpunk themes such as science fiction, retrofuturism and neon lights.

Our Synthwave patches make music production easier, sonically richer and faster for the producer of this particular genre. These presets are compatible with various soft synths such as Arturia CS-80, Pigments, and more. Major synthwave genres such as cyberpunk, retrofuture, and space age are covered by our synth soundbanks. What we design are not just limited to the sounds of the past. We are also try to create unique and modern soundscapes with lush dimension that will make you feel nostalgic, but at the same time, listen to something fresh. We want to give people back the experience of listening to their favorite synth sound from their past and create a space for people to share what they miss about old synthesizers.


Progressive Rock presets

Progressive Rock is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It has been described as "a loose collection of musical styles and subgenres that defy easy classification." Progressive rock is characterized by unusual time signatures, big length songs, instrumental virtuosity, the use of guitars, synths, drums and synthesizers and psychedelic-influenced lyrics. Progressive rock artists have expanded the boundaries of what can be achieved in the genre by making use of extended instrumental solos, complex song structures, avant-garde compositional techniques, extended instrumentation, electronic instruments, unusual sound effects (such as backwards tapes) and other sound manipulation techniques. It is definitely one of my favorite genres.

We create presets for various soft synths to give you experimental and vintage usable sounds. The main goal for prog-rockers beside the musical composition is to make sure that their sound is as unique as possible - that’s the nature of this music style. This means that they want to get away from the mainstream sounds. That is the base on which we crafting those sounds using various soft synths like Diva, Omnisphere, Arturia SEM and other.


Sci-fi Music presets

Sci-fi music is a genre of music that is typically composed in a futuristic setting and context. Sci-fi music can be considered as the soundtrack of science fiction films and television series. Sci-fi music may also refer to musical compositions that are inspired by science fiction themes, particularly when they are performed with synthesizers and other electronic instruments.

Additionally, when I personally refer to sci-fi music, I mean cinematic based themes with the use of futuristic synth and other instrument elements. It could be easily be a subgenre of cinematic music and why not progressive rock.  At least when I create synth patches for this music style this is what I have in my mind.

Crafting a sci-fi synth patch is a compelling procedure – design sonic futurism elements and combine them with a “universe coming from” like dimensionally sound is so intriguing.


Techno presets

Techno is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the 80’s. It is typified by repetitive 4/4 beats, synthesizer melodies, breathtaking kick hit, minimal percussions (most of the time) and rhythms created by drum machines and sequencers. Techno music has become popular worldwide with its driving rhythms and sonic textures. It is often associated with electronic dance music in general because of its incorporation of influences from other genres.


I mainly focus on vintage techno and dark sounding techno. I like to create a sense of nostalgia with the synth presets. Very usually those patches are not just limited to techno, but they can be used in any genre. In my opinion everything could be used anywhere - that’s why I do not usually create one genre styled soundbanks.


Progressive House presets

Progressive House is a genre of electronic music that typically has a 4/4 beat and synthesizer-based melody. It is also known as "progressive" because it often incorporates elements of other genres such as techno, trance, and dance or have a pretty much unpredictable structure. It characterized by its captivating melodies and atmospheres - beside being a dance genre it also has this sonic journey like feeling. It is a very emotional style of the overall electronic music style. It can also include vocals, as well as complex chord progressions and advanced production techniques.

I feel that in progressive house we can use almost any kind of synthesized sound. I may have a clear preference of crafting more lead synths for this style – I believe that the melody’s sound in a prog house track is a very important ingredient. You can find a variety of synth presets for this style from melodic leads to classic nostalgic polysynths and from atmospheric pads to dreamy sounding pianos.


Experimental Music presets

Experimental music is a genre of music that takes influence from a wide range of sources and styles, without being tied to any particular tradition. It is not bound by boundaries, it's constantly evolving and changing. It's not always easy to define what experimental music is. Musicians are interested in exploring new sounds and textures, using technology in new ways, and taking risks.


Experimental music can sometimes be difficult to define due to its nature, but some commonly accepted characteristics include:

- A combination of instruments that in other genres could be impossible

- A focus on unconventional timbre, texture, and tone color

- Weird rhythms


By nature I experiment a lot when design new sounds – I mostly believe that every kind of patch or sample or whatever could be the main sonic element of an experimental (avant-garde) music track.


Game Audio Music presets

Game audio music is the sound that accompanies game events and gameplay. It's an important part of a game, as it helps to immerse players in the game world and enhance their experience. The most common type of game audio music is called background music. It's typically played in the background, not foreground, and can be heard throughout a level or during loading screens. Background music is usually composed by professional composers who specialize in composing background music for games. A sub type of this composition is also sometimes called "game loop" composition because it loops continuously without any interruption through out the game.


Game audio music can be also categorized into two types: ambient and interactive. The ambient game audio music creates a mood that is calm and relaxing, while the interactive game audio music makes players feel more immersed in the game by adding sounds that are related to what they are doing, such as an epic theme during a battle or a calm theme during a sea journey.


In my mind game audio music is most alike with cinematic - it is here to accompany picture and it has no genre-based boundaries


As with cinematic patches my main goal is a wide sonic pallet creating immersive sounds to epic colored synths, synth drones and long ambiences to experimental patches and new heard percussion or classic vintage sounding keys. I find that there is no limit in this type of music.


Vintage Music presets


Vintage music is a term used to describe the music of the past. Vintage music is a form of nostalgia for people who grew up in earlier times. The term “vintage” refers to the idea that the music was created in the distant and has since gained an air of timelessness and respectability. For me it encompass every music genre - it is just an epoch signature. I add such kind of style just to tell the sonic character of the presets. Using a synth emulation plugin for sound design is carrying this vintage feeling - such sounds could be crafted with non-emulative synths like Omnisphere, Hive, Pigments and Serum among others.

There are lot of retro based patches for various synths and genres. Categorize them in a sub folder has been done for easier searching purposes. 


Ambient Music presets


Ambient music is the musical genre that is created without any particular emphasis on rhythm or melody.  It is often used to create a calming atmosphere. It could include many different genres of music such as classical, electronic, folk, jazz and new age! It is characterized mainly by long and slow evolving atmospheric pads, deep tone vibes and a chill underlying identity.

There are many such types of sounds in our libraries – varying for synths like Pigments and Omnisphere. They are mainly synth pads and synth drones for creating this essence of atmosphere the genre is need.


Rock and Heavy Metal presets

Rock and heavy metal music are genres of music that are characterized by a loud and aggressive style of playing, singing, and writing. Rock is the main genre in which prog rock, pop rock and folk rock are belonging. Rock music could be varied from pop styled tracks to more complicated structured songs.


Metal is a genre which mainly use heavy distorted guitars, full amped basses and aggressive drums. All those are not a necessity of course. Some great ballads of music history were composed by heavy metal bands. Today there are plenty sub-genres of Heavy metal like Death Metal, Power Metal, Classic Metal, Melodeath, Symphonic Metal and other.


Using synths on both rock and the last two and a half decades in metal is a very important part of this music’s culture - especially in metal symphonic of progressive metal synth could be sometimes be the main instruments in some parts.


Using synths in metal could be the same as progressive rock or cinematic music - everything could literally fit. the only huge difference is that in those genres it is not common to use synth sounds with many electronic elements. Vintage sounding synths, distorted leads, piano synths and pads are some of the synth categories sounds that fit in those styles. Those are the main types of patches I design for rock and heavy metal for many soft synths - I really love Diva, Pigments and Omnisphere and of course almost every emulation synth out there.


Club Music presets

Club music is maybe the most popular style of electronic dance music since the late 1980s. It is usually played at high volumes. It has evolved a variety forms of electronic dance music such as electro house, deep house, tech house, trance and hardstyle. Main goal is to make people dance. I mostly added this category of presets for searching purposes.


Pop Music presets

Pop music is a term that is often used to refer to popular or mainstream music. Pop songs are typically written in common time, have an easy beat, and use catchy vocal lines. The genre was originally called "popular", but it has since expanded into various subgenres of pop such as teen pop, dance pop, and urban pop among others. It has been described as catchy, upbeat, simple, and with a wide appeal.


Here you could find some synth patches for this style of music.


Tech House presets

Tech house is a dance music genre that has been around for about two- three decades. It was originally developed in Europe and the United States. It combines elements from Techno and House music with a loose feel. It is a popular style of electronic dance music that combines techno elements with the jazzy vibes of house mostly in a minimal poing of view. It is characterized by a heavy reliance on synthesizer sounds and percussion / drums.


I believe that a vast variety of synthesized sounds could find their place in this versatile genre whatever the type – synth basses, polysynths, pads, leads and keys.


Deep House presets


Deep house is a genre of house music that could be described as "deep and soulful”, it is pretty much sophisticated. The genre is known for its deep basslines, lounge-like feel, and key melodies. Deep House artists typically use elements of funk and soul music. It is characterized by long, drawn-out, and atmospheric songs with a minimalist production style.


As almost every house subgenre most synth sounds could fit in Deep House. Here you could find some soulful pads for advanced harmonic content creation and funky styled keys for the melodic aspects of your productions.


90’s Music presets

With this term I mostly refer to electronic and pop tracks of that period. In terms of sounds here you could find some presets that remind the classic hardware synth workstations that was playing a very important part in music of this decade. This category was added for easy searching purposes.


Big Room house presets

Big room house is a subgenre of electronic dance music. It was first used by DJs and producers in the late 2000s. A big room house track has an euphoric dancy sound that is typically characterized by a uplifitng melody, prominent basslines, and an upbeat tempo. It mainly combines elements from progressive and electro house subgenres. The main structure is intro - build up - small break ( for one or a couple of bars) - DROP - breakdown etc.  It has a 4/4 floor beat with full heavy kicks to lead the rhythm.


It is versatile in terms of synthetic sound used plus sometimes a brassy colored stab is a main element for those anthems.


Vicious Antelope has some presets varying from leads to basses that fit in this particular dance genre.


Trance Music presets

Trance is a form of electronic dance music that originated in the early 1990s. It is characterized by a quick tempo and euphoric melodies. It can be described as uplifting and energetic.


Synthesizer is the main instrument for this genre from its born till now.


Here you can find synth patches for trance music like plucks and uplifiting leads or moving pads for synths like Serum, Pigments, Sylenth and Hive.


Krautrock presets

Krautrock is a genre of experimental forming rock music that emerged from Germany in the late 1960s. Krautrock is often associated with German bands like Amon Düül II, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk.  Phychedelia is one of the main goals for this kind of music. It combines a variety of different styles like electronic music, avant-garde music and rock. The songs are typically big in length and the use of synthesizers is commonly spread.


Being a very experimental form of music many different synth sounds can be part of Krautrock productions. Such kind of eclectical vintage sounding patches are included in many Vicious Antelope’s soundbanks for synths like SEM, Pigments, Repro and Diva.


80’s Music presets

This category is being used here to easy search for nostalgic sound of that era. It is mainly connected with the famous synthpop although 80’s music synth presets here are beside that an era-based categorization.


Some synths like CS-80, SEM, DX7, Diva and Repro could easily manage to craft sounds that reminds of this golden epoch for music.  


Electronica Music presets

Electronica music is the subgenre of electronic music that its main goal is not to make the listener dance but it oriented for listening purposes. It is very versatile genre in terms of sound that can be part of its production. Synthesizer is the main instrument for this style. There are many patches for electronica style created by Vicious Antelope.


You could also find here synth patches for genres and song styles like Ballads, Funk, Retrofuturism, New Age, Chill and Meditation Music, EDM, Folk, R&B and Soul, Dungeon Synth, Old School and Hardstyle.

Synth Sound Categories - Presets Types

Vicious Antelope offers almost every type of synth sounds according to their main characteristics and the nature of its identity.

Types of Synth Patches

For most of them they are part of the soundbanks they included in. Sometimes I release preset-type based soundbanks. In a soundbank most of the times you could find more than one type of synth sound category. The reason for categorizing the presets by type has been done for make serch easier.

What are those types from a synth point of view? 

This is the way we categorize the types our synth presets. Some of the explanations below are very subjective - we use such kind of categories for organizing purposes.


Synth leads are monophonic ( they are typically monophonic, but some polyphonic synth leads have also been created and used) sounds typically used for melodic lines.


Pads are mainly long evolving synths typically with longer attack and release time. The mostly being used for adding background atmosphere to a music track,

Poly Synths

PolySynths is a very generic term - it actually encompasses all types of polyphonic synths. They could be used for both melodic and harmonic creation - or even for creating rhythm patterns.


Bass are mainly monophonic but could also be polyphonic. Their main purpose is to build the bass line on which the whole track will be built. Using bass synths in upper registers of the keyboard sometimes reforms them to classic lead synths


Keys is also a very generic term. It includes a variety of synth instruments (sometimes they are the same as poly synths). Although in many cases keys considered to be the pianos, acoustic and electric, accordions, harpsi, dulcitone and other - also a synthesizer could be characterized as a keyboard.  In our soundbanks as keys we mainly refer to polysynths that in terms of performance are used like pianos even they don't sound like one.

Plucks And Stabs

Plucks and Stabs are short sounds with fast attack and no sustain. Typically the have short release time.

Drums And Percussion

Drums and Percussion are the synth preset type of percussive instruments and ther are typically atonal - although there are many interesting tonal percussion patches within some of our soundbanks. They mainly used for rhythm reasons.


Soundscapes are a versatile type in which the synthesized sound trying to mimic enviromental sounds - natural or not, from our planet or even from imaginable universe sounds. It is not a typical kind of synth instrument - it could be tonal or atonal, it could be synonym with pads or textures. 

Organs and Hammonds

Organs and Hammonds are this characteristic synth presets that mimic the distinctive sound of an organ instruments. Usually they use Sine oscillators but they could be crafted from more complex waves. They have mainly to do with the resulted sound rather than rules of how we create them.

Misc and FX

Miscellaneous are all other type of synth preset with an atypical form. FX could described the kinds of patches that mimic real sound effects - a siren or a laser gun are classic examples. They could be confused with soundscapes - the difference is that the encompass a single sonic element while soundsca[es typical have more sonic dimensions.

Plucked Strings

Plucked strings are the synth patch type that tries to mimic a real string instrument sound - they are a sub category of Plucks.

Synth Drones

Synth Drones are long synths with most of the time heavy atmospheric identity - they typically evolve in time. Almost the same as pads - the main difference is that they are usually monophonic, more sustained and sometimes atonal.


Another atypical and very subjective type of synth sound. In our soundbanks textures are a combination of many other types only those are bond with a characteristic that my be something irrelevant with music - a nice example is our 12 Gods soundbanks for Omnisphere where some dark synth sounds may refer to the dark nature character of a god.

Soundbanks / Synth Presets per Software Synthesizer

We are designing synth patches for the soft synths below

List Of Synths we make soundbanks for:


For almost every soundbank we release for Arturia Synths we have also its Analog Lab edition for the users of this synthesizer.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Omnisphere 2 is a multidimensional soft synth with limitless sound design possibilities. At its core we have a 4 part synth which can use digital oscillators, wavetables and samples. We can manipulate those in many ways from advanced Frequency Modulation and Ring Modulation devices and a very impressive waveshaper module. We can add unison voices or just add some harmonization voices. Finally in the OSC section we could find a great granular engine with many options. We can manipulate main aspects from shape and OSC's symmetry and add Hard Sync or change start position or playback direction and timbre when it comes to samples. 

It has a vast diversity of filters of all kind and we even have some options to design our custom filters. Great number of customizable LFO's and envelopes are available also.

We can import our own samples, we can use a very advance arpeggiator and of course there are more than 50 high quality effect devices for adding the extra touches in our sounds.

Arturia Pigments

Pigments is another synth beast we release soundbanks for. This exceptional piece of sonic art includes four different synth engines at its very core. The Virtual Analog, the Wavetable, The Harmonic (which uses additive synthesis) and the Sample with many different modes each. Every single one comes with a variety of sound manipulation tools. A great granular manipulator lies in the sample engine while the other 3 types have a lot of tools (FM, RM, Phase Modulation, Wavefold manipulation, phase distortion) to handle the oscillators and waves which can be customized to fit our needs. The signal travels to two different filters (in series or parallel and everything in between)  with many types being available.

There are LFO's, envelopes and other conventional or non-conventional modulation sources with great customization options. Sample And Hold device is really great here. Finally we have the effect page with more than 15 effects and the Arpeggiator - Sequencer page.


U-He Diva

Diva is the real Diva of synths. With its analog textured sound this synthesizer lies among my all time favorites, that's way I keep releasing new stuff for this. It offers 5 different synth types, all inspired by some legendary hardware units with many options to manipulate the sound in a very warm and vintage way.

Its filters types are varied from warm and crispy to clean and soft while we also have some different types of envelopes to modulate many things. From this synth I love the Oscillator Voice Detune as well as the variance we can add to cut-off, envelope, pulsewidth and glide. U-He Diva comes with some really powerful effects a great chorus device and a nice plate reverb included. We can stack up to 2 different effects simultaneously.

U-He Zebra 2 (Now Zebra Legacy)

Zebra 2 is actually a modular synthesizer, only that it doesn't use cables. It combines many different synthesis methods within its devices and it offers a nice way of manipulating the signal. It is an advanced workhorse with many sound generators and modulators, each single of them with high customization. 

One of the greatest component of Zebra Legacy in my opinion is the wave editor where we could create our unique oscillators and wavetables with many different ways. It also includes an advanced MSEG editor for advanced modulation purposes. Many great effects here, some of them unconventional and unique. Also comes with a nice arpeggiator and sequencer and it is friendly for live performances.

In the central window we can find the grid where we connect the different modules while the mixer lies just beneath it. I love its modulation matrix and of course the user friendly lower part where we have options for the voices and the effect devices among others. 

Native Instruments Massive X

Massive X is an advanced synthesizer with very innovative tools. It contains wavetables which we can handle and play with many different ways. Many great and crispy filters are adding to the character of the sounds and two different effect sections take them even further. We have a huge freedom in the routing which means more and more possibilities. Its LFO's and Envelopes are greatly customizable for more self-tailored sonic exploration. The performer section allows us for even more state-of-the-art modulations. Also some macros make it easier to adjust some settings while performing.

Besides its really modern sound, it is a synth with modern and inspiring interface and polychrome visual elements to quickly check our modulations settings and other.

U-He Repro 1 and U-He Repro 5

Those two emulations of some Prophet hardware synths are sounding very warm and nostalgic. The Repro 1 is a perfect mono or legato synth lead maker while Repro 5 is usually my unique companion to craft some classic polysynths with vintage temper. They are both different beasts with a very strong common point - they sound fantastic.

They use some typical OSC at their core which we can alter using the different chip options - which lie underneath the main page of the synths. Their filters are warm and full sounding and they also include the classic Prophet mixer. In general their tweaks page is like salt and pepper.

They include many common effects. Repro 5 comes with a 4 types distortion device a tape saturator, a delay, an eq / resonator, a plate reverb while Repro 1 comes with a wavefolder, a delay, an eq and a reverb. They both have sonic conditioner, a nice utility for sound manipulation. We can change the series of the effects - except Repro 5 distortion.

U-He Hive 2

One more synth from U-He. Hive 2 is the modern, electronic music and not only, take of this fantastic developer. Any tool someone need for his/her synth is here. Great sounding Oscillators and Wavetables, additional Sub Oscillators, a big variety of different types of filters, many modulation options and effects of the highest quality are available here.

Some of the most useful tools for my sound design process in Hive 2 are the two Function modules for furthermore unique modulation adjustments. Literally almost anything can be modulated. It has an arp/seq and four different shaper base modulation sources which work like an arp.

One nice addition to this synth is that we can choose from three different synth engines the clean, the normal and the dirty - each one with its unique sonic touches.

Synapse Audio Dune 3

Dune 3 has a unique way of voicing which allows us for fuller sound results. Its unison detuning types are trailblazing and sound great. A nice variety of Oscillators and Filters with many different sound characteristics. It can do subtractive synthesis, Fm synthesis and wavetable synthesis plus that we can import our own samples to work with.

There are two conventional envelopes and the 4 more advanced MSEG modulation generators. It comes with 3 LFO's and a double lane of fantastic effects. Delays, distortions, equalizers, chorus, phaser, flanger, compressors and reverbs - each one with more options under their feet. A wavetable editor is available also.

The most important think in this synth is its sound which I personally believe is a must have addition for every producer and composer who cover both modern and vintage approaching of creating music.


Xfer Records Serum

Serum is one of the most important synth tools in our ages. It is fully recognizable among producers all over the globe. Its wavetable synthesis engine is of the highest quality. Here we can find a big bunch of wavetables with unique sound characteristics. Uncountable types of great filters and huge quantity of modulation sources options - each one fully customizable. The oscillators can be manipulated with many ways. The effects included varies from reverbs to delay and from distortions to chorus. Here we also have the unique hyper dimension device for adding more unison detuned voices and stereo width and of course the infamous multiband compressor influenced by the OTT - a spicy weapon when it comes to modern sound design techniques.

What I love from serum is its advanced wave editor and the formula parser where any different kind of mathematical equations transcribed into wavetables and finally sounds.


Arturia CS-80 V4 and CS-80 V3

CS-80 V4 (and its predecessor CS-80 V3) is the Arturia's emulation to one of the most legendary synths ever existed in our world. This emulation carries the sonic distinctive timbre and characteristics of this synth in a great way. One of my favorite emulation synths ever.


Arturia DX7 V

DX7 V by Arturia is the emulation of the holy grail of Frequency Modulation synthesis. It included many sound manipulation options and it sounds exceptional.

Arturia SEM V2

SEM V2 emulates The Oberheim® Synthesizer Expander Module an iconic hardware synth which was been used and is being used by many famous musicians.

Arturia Jun 6-V

JUN-6 V is modeled on the legendary Juno-6 hardware unit. It is a very inspirational synth with nice vintage tone in its exhaling timbre.

Arturia Jup-8 V

Jup-8 V is another great emulation from Arturia. This time the hardware polysynth unit which is being emulated is the Jupiter 8.  

Lennar Digital Sylenth1

Sylenth1 is one of he most important virtual analog synthesizers ever released. Its sound marked a lot of genres for a good reason. It is of the highest quality with a nice variety of additional tools to manipulate the timbre characteristics.

Arturia ARP2600 V3

ARP2600 V is another great emulation from Arturia. This synth is a great toolkit of sound design capabilities either for more classic sounds or some more unconventional ones. And its Arpeggiator device is state-of-the-art piece of creation source.

Arturia Mini V3

This 3 oscillators legend is one of the most important synths ever in our world. Arturia Mini V3 is a great emulation with fat analog sounding ocsillators and warm filter. With the modulation options included in this synthesizer we can create some complex patches full of vintage sonic character. 

Arturia Clavinet V

One more emulation from Arturia this plugin is a great Clavinet recreation. This instrument is iconic for funk music genre and many timeless songs have used it.



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