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Vicious Antelope Productions is a music and audio production studio focusing on mixing, mastering and post production for podcasts and audiobooks as well as composing music for your projects and ghost producing EDM tracks for reasonable prices.

Our studio was founded in 2017 in Greece. However, most of our services are provided online. Send us your recording whether it is music, podcast or audiobook and we will take it from there!


We offer our services based on two very important principles.

  1. Capturing your project aspiration: message you want to convey with your creations, elements you want to emphasize and your personal artistic perception and view.

  2. Deliver high quality products according to current needs and professional standards.

The way we achieve this is by offering a snippet preview of the deliverable and work with you to adjust it to your needs

We relying both on new innovative technologies and analog equipment blending them with our knowledge to achieve the best result. We are working for your projects in our 25 square meters perfectly calibrated production room.

*When you work with us you get 2 free revision rounds for most of our services




When mixing we:

  • Balance the levels among the individual channels

  • Add clarity, body and character

  • Keep the music flow interesting

  • Achieve a cohesive result (for EPs or full albums) among the various songs

When mastering we:​

  • Polish the mix and add body and character

  • Keep the music flow interesting

  • Achieve a cohesive result (for EPs or full albums) among the various songs

  • Integrated Loudness of the final Master according to professional standards

When podcast editing we:

  • Adjust the levels of podcast to professional standards

  • Add clarity in the podcast using the proper tools like surgical EQ and DeEsser

  • Keep the podcast episode’s flow nice in timeline

  • Clean podcast audio from background noises (hum, hiss, plosives, mouth clicks etc.) with tools like Izotope RX7

  • Add any provided ads, sponsored messages, music (intro - outro) etc in the final podcast episode according to your specific needs

  • Create audiogram of the podcast for Youtube and social media promotion 

  • Mixing and aligning more than one audio files to one podcast episode 

When audiobook editing we:

  • Adjust the levels of audiobook's narration to professional standards

  • Add clarity to the audiobook using the proper tools like surgical EQ and DeEsser

  • Keep the flow nice in timeline and apply proper dynamics to the narrration of the aduiobook so the volume range between -23dB and 18dB RMS as ACX suggests

  • Clean audiobook narrations from background noises (hum, hiss, plosives etc.) with tools like Izotope RX7

  • Keep the room tone in proper duration as ACX suggests for the audiobook

  • Ensure that all additional ACX requirements are applied properly in all audiobook files

Genres in which we compose: 

  • Cinematic, classical and orchestral music

  • Rock and Pop

  • Ambient and Electronic

  • Jingles and podcast intro outro themes

  • Meditation and Relaxing Music

  • All music delivered mixed and mastered

  • Custom Big Room House tracks for your sets

  • Other genres included (progressive house and techno)

  • Ableton Project Files

  • Mixing and mastering of the track included

  • Find the fundamental tonality of the track

  • Apply pitch corrections in a way that will not lead to robotic artificial sounds but like a physical performance

  • Apply subtle time corrections to align vocals with the music while sound realistic

  • Compose and perform Synths, Piano, Organs, Keyboards part for your music

  • Professional recording

  • Full rights for commercial and non commercial use

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Genelec 2.1 Monitoring System

UAD Apollo High End Converters

Pro Tools 12, Ableton Live, Cakewalk


Guitars and Amps : ESP Eclipse, Epiphone Les Paul Custom, jacky Jackson Acoustic , Kemper Guitar Amp , Laney VC 50

TC Electronic G Major 2 and Amplitube 4

Synths and Controllers: Korg M-50 , NI Komplete Kontrol S88, Ableton Push

Soft Synthesizers: Omnisphere 2, Sylenth, Serum, Massive, Dune 3, Kontakt, Vienna Instruments Pro, Arturia Synths, FM8, Absynth, Reaktor 6 and many more

Mixing and Mastering plugins: Izotope Ozone 9 advanced - Neutron 3 advanced - Insight 2, Various UAD , Waves , Hornet, Melda Production, Soundtoys, Brainworx and many more

Advanced Audio Editing: Izotope RX7

Vocal Tuning: Melodyne

*Upon request we could use analog equipment (eq, compressor etc.) for mixing and mastering services adding a warm flavor to the mixing and mastering result.



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What are mixing and mastering?

Audio Mixing and Mastering are two very important stages in the music production procedure. When the recordings of all individual tracks like vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synths etc. finish it is time to combine and glue all those sounds in a beautiful cohesive final result that finally will be heard in your audience playback devices.


In the mixing stage we process each individual track of the song or music score. Each instrument has its own sound characteristics and needs different approach from the other. In this stage we adjust the levels of each one and place them in the stereo field panning them accordingly. The more basic tools to apply in the mixing stage are equalizer, compressor and reverb. With equalizer we balance the sound in the frequency spectrum, with compressor we control the dynamics and with reverb we add space to the music. Other tools that we use are delay, chorus, saturators, flanger, phaser, distortions, exciters, limiters (compressors with very high ratio), de-essers (actually they are compressors with specific functionality) and many more. Proper gain staging is a critical step in the mixing procedure.  Mixing aiming to create a final stereo (most of the times) track ready for the mastering engineer.


In the mastering stage we process the song as an entirety and not every individual instrument as we did in mixing stage. The most important tools are compressors, equalizers and a limiter as last part of the effect chain. We could use some other tools like as spectral shapers, exciters, clippers and imagers. Target here is to take the final mix polish and enhance it, adjust the final levels of the whole song and finally prepare it accordingly for distribution. You may often see that it is called as “premaster” if it is going to be delivered on cd or vinyl.



I often listen about Integrated Loudness – what is it?

A crucial element of the final Master is the perceived loudness of the audio. It is a relatively new accurate metering standard of how human hearing perceives overall volume of the track.

Depending on how you will deliver your music different loudness standards exist in the industry. E.g. Spotify’s suggesting a target of about -14dB at the time of writing integrated Loudness and a True Peak of no more than -1,0 dB. In this all tracks are played through Spotify application are even in terms of loudness (so the listener do not level up or down the volume gain in each different song). Various platforms have its standards (in similar values with Spotify although).

Different are also the values if we will deliver the music physically on cd while mastering for vinyl needs some more things to consider.

A small chat about how you will deliver your music is critical to achieve the best possible result in technical terms.


Which genres do you mix and master?

We are mixing and mastering any kind of music. Most familiar with EDM and electronic music, ambient, cinematic and classical, pop, rock, indie and metal (all of sub-genres)


I have more stems in my songs and some of them are more than 8 minutes length for mixing and mastering. What is the price in that case?

That won't be a problem. Please ask for a custom mixing or mastering offer. The same goes if you have more than 5 song for mixing and mastering.


What is podcast post production?

Podcast post production is the procedure that turns your raw recordings to a final audio product - podcast for your audience. It contains stages like noise removal (plosives, mouth clicks, crackles and other), polishing the overall recording cutting unwanted frequencies and resulting to a cohesive flow in terms of audio level so your audience would not need to turn up or turn down their device volume if there were significant rises and falls of the level.


What are the animated audiograms?

Mainly to use them to Youtube or other social media platforms these are actually animated videos with a sound spectrum or wave graph that reacts and moves accordingly to the audio of the podcast giving a nice flow. Many podcasters today use them for promoting their episodes to social media. Your could upload your podcast episode or a sum


What equipment do you use when editing a podcast?

We work mostly on Pro Tools and switch to Izotope RX7 for more complex audio editing and restoration like noise removal - hums, plosives, mouth clicks from the podcast recordings.


What are the industry standards for podcast?

For podcast episodes it is important keeping a relatively stable volume level while additionally adjusting it in such way that the perceived loudness of the final audio for your audience will not be quieter or louder than professional standards. For podcast episodes it is about -16LUFS (-19LUFS for mono) integrated loudness.


Do you compose music themes for podcast episodes intros and outros?

We could compose custom music theme for your podcast series. Sound branding of your podcast is a part of its entire identity. The crucial part is to make the music fit exactly with your podcast topic. 


Do you offer consulting services for podcast production preparation?

If you need to keep your energy for the actual podcast procedures (preparing the scripts and guests, organize the podcast schedules etc.) you could choose that kind of service and we will help you through an online meeting to set your equipment properly for your podcast recordings.


What is audiobook post production?

Audiobook post production is the procedure that turns your narration recordings to a final audio product - audiobook for your audience. It contains stages like noise removal (plosives, mouth clicks, crackles and other), polishing the overall recording cutting unwanted frequencies and resulting to a cohesive flow in terms of audio level so your audience would not need to turn up or turn down their device volume if there were significant rises and falls of the level. The main audiobook platform ACX has some audio submission requirements that must be satisfied 100% so your audiobook would be delivered through the online retailers ACX work with.


Does your studio offer recording services?

Our music studio mainly founded to offer online mixing, mastering and post production services for podcasts and audiobooks. Although we offer professional recordings specialized in synths and keyboards. 


How does it work?

We are experienced working remotely using online transferring tools (ftp) for the various audio files.

First you send us your recordings and BEFORE pay anything we sent you a small snippet of our work for services like mixing, mastering, podcast and audio book post productions. It seems fair to us that we have to prove you first that our work quality can meet your needs for professional sounding of your music, podcast or audiobook.

For services like composing and session performing we also send you first a small snippet free of charge to ensure your satisfaction.


What is the pricing of the services you offer?

We offer our services for very reasonable prices.  Please check our pricing options below.


Audio Mixing

50€ /song*

*Up to 48 stems and 8 minutes length....

Audio Mastering

30€ /song*

*Up to 8 minutes


Podcast Editing

30€ /hour*

*Of unedited 


Audiobook Edit

30€ /hour*

*Of unedited 


For Original Music Compositions (podcast themes included) , Ghost Producing , Vocal Tuning and Session Musician Services please request for a custom offer. The same goes if your song(s) has more stems or length for mixing and mastering services and for bigger projects like a full album of yours (more than 5 songs) that need mixing or mastering. 


Audio Engineer, Composer

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