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Analog Lab V expanse - Oberbass designed with Arturia SEM V2 and has 50 bass synth patches

You can use the OberBass soundbank to create retro electronic music that's similar to what you'd hear in the 80s at home. In addition, you can use it for experimental synthwave forms of music. This SEM V2 expanse provides a number of unique patches that take inspiration from the 1980's, making them perfect for creating classic bass sounds.

The OberBass is a boutique analog bass synthesizer that has been designed to introduce bass vibrations in your productions.

A collection of 25 pre-defined bass presets and 25 Arps are included (the Arp section can be disabled to play those as classic Bass Synth). The Arpeggiated presets encompass full of movement coming form modulation sources.

OberBass - SEM V2 is a modern POV retro take on that classic Oberheim sound. Many sounds have a great punchy and tight attack, but there's also room for some sweet and creamy basslines. This is a very good content library for rhythmic synthwave, 80s-esque synthpop, electro-pop, and future-bass producers who want a retro twist on their music.

SEM V2 is a powerful synthesizer with rich analog sound that also exhales great things in the lower frequency region. I also find it very nice addition for Techno producers.

Presets walkthrough video


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